Introducing The PTU-5000 

Introducing The PTU-5000 

This article is to introduce the Phenyx Pro PTU-5000, a quad-channel wireless microphones at an affordable price for public speakers, lead singers, professional hosts, and anyone else who is ready to step out from behind a rostrum. 
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Hand-held microphones have been a favorite for decades at countless events, one of the main audio tools of lead singers and street interviewers. Its ease of use and the ability to reproduce audio precisely allows it to remain popular with professional performers.


The wireless microphone offers a perfect solution to solve the problem of traditional handheld microphone cables. The biggest complaint with wired microphones is that they can cause clutter, and tripping hazards and are hard to rearrange.  So Phenyx Pro has developed a set of wireless microphones at an affordable price for public speakers, lead singers, professional hosts, and anyone else who is ready to step out from behind a rostrum.  


PTU-5000 is a 4-channel wireless microphone set equipped with a UHF wireless microphone receiver and high sensitivity unidirectional handheld microphone and bodypack transmitters. This wireless microphone set is suitable for heavy use and flexible in placement. Users can easily place the microphones anywhere in the room to best engage their audience.


Why the Phenyx Pro PTU-5000A?


Quality materials:


This microphone is made of solid full metal, which allows you to enjoy a firm, comfortable feeling in your hands when you use it. So you can enjoy who you are at your moment.



Flexibility in placement:


  •  Outstanding signal stability. This 4-channel UHF system is calibrated in fixed frequencies of 541MHz, 546.3MHz, 561.6MHz, and 568.65MHz, allowing all four mics to work at the same time without interfering each other.  Please note that because of the fixed-frequency design, only one unit of the PTU-5000 system can work at a time.
  • Dynamic cartridge design. The cartridge is designed to limit sound feedback and interference so that the system can smoothly pick up and transmit sound without trouble, ensuring clear, robust, and optimal real sound.
  • Up to 260 feet of reception. It is possible to operate remotely, even in harsh and complex environments. Make sure to keep the receiver away from Bluetooth or other digital devices such as cell phones and G-boxes to avoid potential source interference. Another technical recommendation is not to face the microphone too close to the speakers to avoid feedback. 




Flexible design:


  • Unintended touching prevention setting. The on/off button is actually tucked away behind the battery cover rather than on the front, preventing performers from accidentally turning it on/off.
  • Anti-slip rings. This can protect the mic capsule from a collision when you put the microphone down on a flat surface. Also, the added ring cushion can stop the mic from rolling and have it ready when you want to pick it up right away.
  • Versatile use. The rack-mountable metal receiver features four XLR outputs and one 1/4'' audio output jack, and it can get auto pair up with transmitters for an easy plug-and-play setup.  Users can route the audio output directly from the receiver into your mixing desk using XLR cables,  from which they can adjust the EQ settings and apply different external effects to the audio. Alternatively, the audio can also come straight out of the 1/4'' audio output jack into your amplifiers or any other sound system that takes a mono input.



What comes with the PTU-5000?



1X 4-Channel UHF wireless receiver

2X Antennas

4X UHF wireless handheld microphones

1X Power adapter

1X 1/4’’ Audio cable

1X Users manual

4X Anti-rolling rings

8X AA batteries for long hour operation



1X 4-Channel UHF wireless receiver

2X Antennas

2X UHF wireless handheld microphones

2X bodypacks

2X headset mics

2X lapel mics

8X AA batteries for long hour operation

1X Power adapter

1X 1/4’’ Audio cable

1X Users manual

2X anti-rolling rings


Where to buy it?

The Phenyx Pro® PTU-5000 series is available at Phenyx Pro website.

Recommended Accessories:

Medium carrying case

XLR Snake cable

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