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+Is this analog or digital

  ǒ This is analog.

+How & where does this plug into the amp?

  ǒ The receiver has a 1/4 inch cable out that plugs into the input of your amp using a regular instrument cable. The transmitter plugs into your guitar. You may now roam about freely.

+Can this charge while in use during performance?

  ǒ It is lithium battery and you can charge while in use. But we would suggest you use it after it is fully charged to protect the battery itself.

+Does it have a mute function?

  ǒ You can mute it using the off-on slider switch on the transmitter. It's seamless and there is no popping when using the switch.

+Does this have an xlr output? i play in a band and need an xlr out our to the main board

  ǒ The PTG-11 system has a 1/4’’ mixed output and a balanced XLR output.

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