How to Use USB Function for the PRX-100 Audio Mixer

How to Use USB Function for the PRX-100 Audio Mixer

This tutorial article is going to guide you through the USB function for the Phenyx Pro PRX-100 audio mixer.

PRX-100 is a 4-channel mixing console with 3-Band EQ, USB and Bluetooth function. Ideal for Home Recording, Webcast, K Song. This article is going to show you how to use USB function on PRX-100.


How to play audio?



Connect the power adapter and turn on the switch button. The display screen will show "No" as default. 



Insert the USB drive and wait for the device to retrieve audio files. Please note that if it is the first time you use the USB drive, it will start from the top of the list. Otherwise, it will start from the last audio file you played.

This symbol will appear on the screen when the song plays smoothly.

You can also use the MP3 knob to adjust the volume.


How to record audio?



Long press the white Mode button to enter the recording mode. The word “rEC” will appear on the screen.



Tap the play button to start recording. You can stop or continue the recording anytime by short pressing it again.



When finishing the recording, long-press the play button to save the file. It will be added as the last song on the REC file and automatically saved in an MP3 format. The new recording will play again automatically.



To exit the recording mode, you will need to press the mode button again.

It is important to note that the USB function cannot work with the Bluetooth function simultaneously. You cannot stream music via Bluetooth and record it to the USB stick.


We have also created a tutorial video to walk you through the process. Check it out now! 

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