Phenyx Pro PTL-600
6-Channel Audio Mixing Console
Advanced Routing for Precise Mastery
Unlock Your Mixing Creativity
Integrated Flexibility & Wireless Convenience
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Phenyx Pro

PTL-600 | 6-Channel Audio Mixer

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  • Extensive Connectivity: This audio mixer offers extensive input and output options. Flexible inputs of 4 separate XLR/LINE, a pair of L/R TRS, and Bluetooth enhance the audio setup's capability. Diverse outputs of 2 AUX, 1 BUS, 2 stereo headphones, and 3 XLR main outputs (L, R, SUB) meet different monitoring needs: using Sub out for powered subwoofers and BUS out for a separate signal feed in live streaming. This DJ controller ensures comprehensive connectivity for any audio professional
  • Advanced Routing: This analog mixer boasts robust and precise routing. Each channel can achieve pre/post-fader sends for 2 AUX outputs, route audio to the BUS auxiliary track for additional output and easy volume control, and direct pure low-frequency signals to the SUB output for enhanced bass. Additionally, the FX track can be optionally routed to the channel for flexible effects management. Enjoy personalized and adaptive mixing over a complex audio landscape with this sound mixer!
  • Versatile Sound-Shaping: This consola de audio unlocks your audio creativity through high-quality 16 DSP effects. SEND/RETURN outputs allow you to integrate external effects processors into your audio setup seamlessly. Individual +48V phantom power switches enable the use of high-quality condenser microphones, while specially designed preamps and 3-band EQ frequency for vocals ensure improved tonal quality. Achieve a professional, polished sound with the PTL-600 6-channel mixing board.
  • Wireless Streaming: The mixer board is equipped with Bluetooth functionality for wireless music streaming and USB connectivity for recording and playback. It also features dual stereo headphone outputs with independent volume control for each, providing comprehensive monitoring options. This dual monitoring setup of the mixing console supports multiple listeners, enhances audio detail and ensures accurate audio adjustments, ideal for home studio, stage, live performances, and broadcast.
  • Devoted Service: Genuine Phenyx Pro audio products come with 12-month manufacturer assurance and supportive customer service. Welcome to come to us for troubleshooting or replacement of discontinuous/defective parts.