● What information should I include with a service/repair request?

ǒ Please include your order number and the system serial number ( please check the back of the receiver or the last page of the user manual) in your request. It will be helpful if you could include a short video clip/pictures to showcase the issue so that we can better determine the cause and provide a proper solution.

 ● Is my microphone covered by a service warranty?

ǒ All original Phenyx Pro products enjoy a one-year warranty.

 ● What is the procedure for returning a faulty product?

ǒ If it is within the 30-day return window, simply contact us for a return shipping label and we will issue a refund to you immediately once we receive your returned package. If it is out of the 30-day return window, we do not accept returns and will provide warranty service instead.

+Replacement parts and returns

 ● Where can I purchase spare or replacement parts for my system?

ǒ You can purchase spare or replacement parts (power adapter, transmitters, audio cable, antenna kit, etc.) on our website under the ACCESSORIES section. Feel free to email us even if you did not see what you are looking for on the website and we will try our best to assist you.

 ● Who do I contact for a repair or service?

ǒ Please contact Phenyx Pro customer service team at support@phenyxpro.com and a Phenyx Pro representative will assist you within 24 hours. You can also directly send us a message on Facebook Messenger.

 ● Can I still get support for my legacy/discontinued product?

ǒ Yes, you do! Within the warranty period, we can provide replacements for discontinued products. After the warranty period, we will still be able to provide troubleshooting tips/suggestions/upgrade discounts for those products.

+Unexpected noise

 ● My microphone is noisier than I would expect it to be, what should I do?

ǒ If it is a fixed frequency microphone, please try a different microphone cable, a different amp/speaker, a different location to place the receiver, or a different mixer channel to determine if the fault is from the microphone itself. If it is a selectable frequency microphone, besides the above attempts, please also try a different frequency for the system. If the issue persists, please contact our customer service team at support@phenyxpro.com for further assistance.

 ● Why is there interference on my system?

ǒ While the wireless system provides you the freedom of movement, it is very sensitive to the outside environment and susceptible to signals from computer and other digital audio euqipment. Some interferences are from another service operating on the same frequency as your wireless microphone system.

 ● Why do I get a low level noise sound on my speaker?

ǒ The low-level noise and humming sound from the speaker generally comes from poor wiring, analog equipment, amplifier gain, ground loops, RF interference, or even inherent noise from the audio signal.

+Connecting to computers and using software

 ● How do I export my recording to my computer from Phenyx Mixer?

ǒ You can export your recordings to your computer either using a USB drive or directly through the USB connection.

With a USB drive, you have to first record your audio on your USB drive. Note, there needs to at least one audio file (mp3) at your USB drive for the mixer to initialize properly. After plugging in the USB drive to the mixer, record your audio following the instruction on the manual. After recording, plug the USB drive to your computer and copy the recording file to your computer.

Through the USB connection, first connect the mixer to your computer. Pick one recording software that you like. Select the Phenyx mixer as your audio input device inside the software and it is readly to go.

 ● How to connect the computer and Phenyx Mixer using Bluetooth?

ǒ Turn on the Bluetooth function on the mixer. On your PC, select Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Add Bluetooth or other device > Bluetooth. Choose the mixer device and follow additional instructions if they appear, then select Done.

+Using tips

 ● How should I store my microphone when not in use?

ǒ It is recommended to store the microphone in a dry and cool environment when not in use. Please put the microphone in a plastic bag before storing it back inside the case to stop dust and particles from settling on the mic capsule.

 ● My dynamic microphone doesn't require phantom power. Will phantom power damage my dynamic microphone if it is left on?

ǒ Generally, it is safe to plug a dynamic microphone to a input port with phantom power on. It will not affect the sound quality of the mic or give it a boost in its signal. But it's always recommended to turn the phantom power off when you don't need it to avoid possible damage to other equipment.

 ● What battery does Phenyx microphone recommend?

ǒ It is recommended to use 1.5V AA battery on our wireless microphone system. Can also replace it with rechargeable AA battery.

 ● How do I set up karaoke on my TV?

ǒ First of all, mix your audio from the TV and wireless microphone system together. This step requires an extra device such as a mixer or an audio receiver. Connect both the TV's audio output (extra cables/adapters might be needed) and the wireless micrphone system's output to the mixer.

Secondly, send the mixed audio to your speakers. Connect the mixer's output to speakers of your choice (extra audio cables might be needed). You can also route the mixer's output to an amplifier then to the speakers to get a more powerful output.

 ● How to use 2 or more wireless systems at the same time?

ǒ For fixed frequency systems, you cannot use two or more wireless systems at the same time since they will interfere with each other. However, for the selectable frequency systems, you can operate multiple receivers simultaneously with different frequencies.

 ● What type of microphone is it?

ǒ All of our handheld microphones are dynamic microphones with cardioid polar pattern, which could help get rid of unnecessary background noise and put more focus on the speaker's audio.