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Website Update Announcement

Discover Phenyx Pro’s revamped website, designed with a simplified shopping process, organized product and accessory links, and enriched blog content. We’ve enhanced our platform to deliver an effortless and informed shopping experience just for you.

At Phenyx Pro, driven by our customer-oriented approach, we constantly foster our inclusive community and co-create products with your valuable insights. This time, we've updated our official website to streamline your shopping journey, making it easier for you to find what you need. Let’s delve into the details.

Shop Easy.

Our prime focus is to make your shopping experience as smooth and easy as possible. We’ve transformed the shopping process with three main upgrades.

Streamlined product links. We’ve restructured our product links, merging similar configurations based on the same base unit to save you browsing time. For instance, to purchase a PTU-7000 system with two handheld mics and two bodypacks, simply click the PTU-7000 product link and select the PTU-7000-2H2B configuration, where “H” signifies a handheld mic and “B” indicates a bodypack.

Additionally, we’re refining each series page to make product selection even more intuitive. On the series page, it is easier to access the configuration, components, accessories, and other materials.

Organized accessories. To help you accessorize your gear with ease, our accessories are now categorized into four sections:

  • System Parts: Includes wireless receivers (be in stock soon) and handheld as well as bodypack transmitters of wireless mic systems, transmitters and bodypack receivers of wireless IEM systems, wireless transmitters and receivers for guitar systems, antennas, power adapters, batteries, headset and lapel mics.
  • Cases & Cables: M/L/XL-size carrying case, XLR cables, and 1/4” audio cables.
  • Antenna Kits & Mounts: Includes antenna rackmount kits for half-rack or full-rack space, antenna extension cables, and space-saving side-by-side rackmount kits.
  • Others: Essential extras like microphone grilles, battery covers, anti-rolling rings, bodypack metal clips, and in-ear earphones.

Simplify the checkout page. We’ve transformed our three-table checkout page into a more concise, single-table format, making it simpler for you to complete your orders.

Shop Smart.

We have also enhanced the way you can make informed purchases. Here’s how:

Organized blog columns. The Blogs section now houses the latest updates, news, buying guides, installation guides, troubleshooting tips, and a knowledge base to aid your buying decisions.

Enriched blog content. We’ve broadened our blog content spectrum, offering everything from product introductions to in-depth product insights. We also welcome and value your input on topics, queries, or experiences you’d like to share

Smart recommendation. From now on, each new blog has come with associated product and blog recommendations so that you have more flexibility to discover interconnected information.


In essence, these updates are designed to deliver an easy, informed shopping experience to you. We’d be delighted to hear your thoughts on these changes. Please spare a few moments for our questionnaire, and as a token of appreciation, enjoy 5% OFF on main systems!

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