+Does this require a fcc licence?

    ǒ No this system does not require a fcc licence.

+Will this work with a Camcorder?

    ǒ The system will work with a camera, but we do not recommend this use since it is not specially designed for camera and the result might not be optimal.

+I have had two mics burn out after changing batteries. Is the problem that I may put them in wrong first? 

    ǒ Yes, placing the batteries in the wrong way would definitely damage the unit.

+Can I use two lapel mics at the same time?

    ǒ PTU-71 is a dual-channel wireless microphone system, so it can support 2 transmitters(mics) used at the same time.

+Where can I buy a Replacement wireless mic? Not the body pack, just the mic?

    ǒ Here is the PTU-71 accessories link: Ptu-71 Accessories

+Is this system expandable? If I purchase additional wireless phenyx microphones will they all work with the same receiver?

  ǒ You can only use two transmitters on one receiver, here is the PTU-71 accessories link: Ptu-71 Accessories

+Can I output from both the xlr port and the 1/4" cable out, at the same time, from one microphone?

  ǒ Yes, you can output from both the xlr port and the 1/4" cable out from one microphone.

+If I order two of the receivers do I need to order different frequencies for the two receivers or will the second receiver change frequency?

    ǒ PTU-71 is selectable frequency system, you can adjust to other frequencies and use multiple units at the same time.

+ِAny idea about the length of the included 1/4’’ audio cable?

    ǒ The included audio cable is 3 foot long and around 1 meter.

+Can it be plug to 220V ?

    ǒ If you directly use our AC/DC adapter to connect to the 220V outlet, it will be okay. Our AC/DC adapter can be used for 120 - 240V.

+I have batty powered pa speaker that only has 1 mic xlr input. Can i use an xlr y adapter from output of this to one mic xlr input?

    ǒ Yeah sure you can use a XLR Y-cable splitter to connect your speaker and this unit. Or you can also use a 1/4 inch to XLR adapter to connect the mix out of this unit to your speaker.

+Does this product include a speaker/amplifier?

    ǒ This product does not include a speaker/amplifier. You will need to purchase additional speaker/amplifier to hoop up with the system.

+Is the Headset a mini 3 pin or a 4 pin?

    ǒ PTU-71 bodypack interface is designed for mini 3 pin xlr

+Can i rackmount this unit. if so, can i join 2 units together to use 1 rackmount space. just bought a wireless iem that comes with the bracket?

    ǒ We do have U71 system rackmoint kit for sale. But it does not support setting for side by side. If you need to join 2 units to 1 rackmount space. Maybe you need to order a rack shelf.

+Does the mics work in windy conditions?

    ǒ Yes the mics can be used in windy consition since there are windscreens on both. If you want better result, you can purchase a windscreen

+How many systems can be used at once?

    ǒ The PTU-71 is a selectable frequency system so you can use multiple sets at the same time. There are 200 channels to choose. In order to get better result, please do not use more than 15 units at the same time.

+Can rechargeable batteries be used with Mics?

    ǒ PTU-71 mics also suitable for rechargeable batteries, please ensure that the battery is 1.5V for better results.

+For the ptu 71-b, can you use the handheld and lavalier on either side, (swap sides) or is each only usable by the frequencies on one side?

    ǒ Yes you can swap sides. PTU-71 transmitter (microphone) can be paired to any channel of PTU-71 receiver.

+can the system hooked up to an ipad for recording purpose?

    ǒ Yes, but you'll need an audio interface for the Iphone with a "line input" Then you could connect directly from the base unit to the interface.

+What type is the lapel and headset mics? Are they cardioid condensers?

    ǒ PTU-71 handheld mic is cardioid dynamic microphone, and the headset/lapel mic is unidirectional cardioid mic.

+Can this system hook up to tv?

    ǒ Most TV does not have a direct mic input. You seem to be interested in some kind of a karaoke set up. The speakers in your TV is not designed for vocals. You need to have a separate sound system hooked up to your TV to get a good sound and just use your TV as a monitor.

+Where can I find a compatable speaker system for this phenyx pro 71 microphone set?

    ǒ Almost any amplifier and speaker combination will work. The output of the wireless system has both unbalanced (1/4 inch) and balanced (XLR connector) outputs. The cord supplied with the system has 1/4 inch plugs on both ends. An adapter to allow it to plug into a 3.5 mm (used to be called 1/8 inch) jack is also included.

+Do these work on dslr?

    ǒ The sound quality would be compromised since this system is not specially designed for camera but for stereo system. The camera won’t have enough power to drive the wireless system.

+What size mic clip is needed?

    ǒ The PTU-71 handheld microphone has a diameter of 3.7cm, which fits a bigger microphone clip.