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+Can I use this for recording multiple tracks for things such as podcasts and YouTube videos

  ǒ The PRX-100 is good for podcasting and Youtube. However, the output of the mixer will be a single track of audio. You can have multiple input when you are recording and in your recording software, it will be recognized as a single track input because the mixer will mix all input together.

+Can you record instruments to the on board usb?

  ǒ The PRX-100 can be directly connected to a computer for recording. You need to connect to the computer with USB cable, and the computer will recognize the mixer and use the audio/garage band software to record.

+The mics are not showing to be recording when I use audacity, what can I do to fix this ?

  ǒ After connecting to the computer, please select the mixer as the recording device in the software settings.

+How does the auxillary effects line work? what can be used for send and return? outputs to a single track through usb, is that a single stereo track?

  ǒ You can choose which channel to go on to AUX output through the “AUX EFF” knob. It is an auxiliary 1/4” output and cannot be used for Send and Return. And both the AUX and USB output are mono track.

+What format (mp3/wav) records to usb stick? can you play it back?

  ǒ It will record to USB in a mp3 format and of course, you can play it back. After finish the recording, it will automatically play back the current audio file and you can use forward/backward button to select different tracks. If you have any question regarding the USB setup, feel free to email us for instruction video.

+I plug in my usb flash drive but i cannot record any song. does the mixer require specific usb format?

  ǒ the USB drive needs to have at least one audio file saved on it for the board's bootstrap process to recognize it and initialize the 'rEC' mode.

+Can you use Bluetooth and PC connection at the same time?

  ǒ No you cannot use the Bluetooth and PC connection at the same time. When the mxier is in Blurtooth mode, you cannot record to USB drive or connect to PC for recording.

+Can it play out to a computer to record into a softwar?

  ǒ The PRX-100 it can be directly connected to a computer for recording.

+Can this be connected to a home audio receive ?

  ǒ Yes it can connect to home audio receiver through the XLR and 1/4” output jacks on the board. Depending on the type/model of home audio receiver, you might need extra audio cables.

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