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+Should I plug this in directly to the Monitor/Headphones jack on the mixing board or does it need to go through the amplifier first?

    ǒ Yes, you can plug this indirectly to the mixing board and no need to go through the amp first.

+Does this units receiver receive true stereo? Also, what tis the receivers freq range (I’m a Bass player)?

  ǒ Yes, it receives true stereo and the frequency range of the receiver is 905 - 925 MHz. We have another frequency group 555-575MHz: https://phenyxpro.com/collections/in-ear-monitor-system/products/ptm-10-500-mhz

+Does the bodypack have a belt clip so I I don't have to hold it or put it in my pocket?

  ǒ Yes, the bodypack have a belt clip.

+What is the difference from stereo in ears and mono in ears?

  ǒ Normally if you want to connect the monitor to the presonus system, you only need to connect it directly with the cable that came with the package. No other cables needed. It will work with the preamp.

+How do you mount two tranmitters side by side in a rack case?

  ǒ You can mount one system in one rack space using the antenna kit included in the package. For side by side installation, we commend using a rack shelf and mount them.

+Would this transmit audio to 2 body packs? If so can I purchase a second body pack?

  ǒ The PTM-10 is a selectable frequency system so you can connect as many bodypack receivers as you want to the base transmitter unit. Only need to make sure you syn the bodypacks to the same frequency as the transmitter's. Here is the link: https://phenyxpro.com/collections/accessories-for-ptm-10/products/bodypack-receiver-compatible-with-ptm-10

+Can I use this for assisted hearing at my church?

  ǒ Sure you can use this for assisted hearing.

+Can I connect any other bodypack from a different manufacturer to this receiver?

  ǒ No, other brands of bodypacks cannot be paired with PTM-10 transmitters. But you can change the earphones on the bodypack.

+What is the type antenna connector on the back of the transmitter?

  ǒ The antenna connector of PTM-10 has two different models, TNC and BNC. If you need to replace the antenna, please confirm the antenna connectors (TNC/BNC) at the back of your transmitter before purchasing: https://phenyxpro.com/collections/accessories-for-ptm-10/products/antenna-with-in-ear-monitor-system

+My body pack says “mute” so i am hearing nothing. how can i fix this?

  ǒ The bodypack receiver will show MUTE when it did not receive signal from the transmitter base unit. When you synchronize them together and the receiver received signal, the RF signal displace will show signal strength and the MUTE will automatically disappear. For the IR sync process. Once you select desired frequency and the screen shows "Ir -------", please aim the IR window of the bodypack to the IR window on the transmitter base unit (the red flash), then they will automatically sync within several seconds. You will see the frequency on the bodypack match that on the transmitter. If this is not successful, please take a simple video at support@phenyxpro.com to showcase the issue so that we can take a look and try to troubleshoot it.

+How do you get the mix to the transmitter?

  ǒ Normally you only need to connect the music source input directly to the base transmitter using the 1/4’’ audio cable or XLR audio cable. For the AUX output on the mixer, you can use an audio cable connect to the right input of the PTM-10 transmitter and select the "mono" mode. Or use a converted audio cable to connect the left and right inputs and select the "stereo" mode.

+Can multiple users get their own individual mix?

  ǒ No, the only way to have individual mixes is to have multiple transmitters routes through the aux mix bus of the console and have the FOH engineer mix it from there.

+Can you use any earbuds with this system?

  ǒ Yes, the bodypack uses a standard 3.5mm TRS plug. A word of caution.

+I got mine and sound only comes out of one side of my ear buds. i plugged in different ear buds and got the same thing.

  ǒ This is a stereo unit if you have two inputs. If you only use one input you will need to set the transmitter to mono to receive sound in both channels of the receiver. For stereo input, please check to see if the balance is set to one side or if it’s in the center.

+Can I have 2 seperate mixes in left and right inputs, and then have 2 receivers bodypacks - 1 tuned to left and 2nd to right?

  ǒ Yes you can do that. You can use two receiver bodypacks with the same base unit in the same frequency and hear the mix from left and right inputs from different bodypacks. Please set to stereo mode and adjust the balance left/right on the bodypack.

+Is it automatic bivolt?

  ǒ Yes we have included 110 - 240V power adapter in the package and you will be able to use it in area with voltage between 110V - 240V.

+Can multiple receivers connect to the same transmitter? if yes, how many can it handle?

  ǒ It can work with as many bodypack receivers as you want and no quantity limit. Link: https://phenyxpro.com/collections/accessories-for-ptm-10/products/bodypack-receiver-compatible-with-ptm-10

+Can in send two XLR aux send to the two inputs left and right in mono? 

  ǒ Yes you can do so after you set the system to mono mode. You can select either Stereo or Mono mode for the IEM systems.

+Whats the audio freq range of the phenyx ptm-10 system (ie 35hz to 17khz or 50hz to 15khz or etc)? also whats the mw power output (30, 50, 100 etc)?

  ǒ The audio frequency range is 60hz to 16khz and the mw power output is 100.

+Is ths unit good for bass players? 

  ǒ Yes the unit is good for instrument sound.

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