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+Does it use asio format?

  ǒ Yes it uses ASIO format.

+Audacity does not read the mics. Do I need to change mics or settings?

  ǒ You need to have correct setup in audacity for it to recognize the mixer. Please go to Edit --> Preference --> Device. Then select "Amplifier(USB Audio CODEC)" for Device in Playback and "Microphone(USB Audio CODEC)" for Device in Recording.

+Can this device change your voice sounds?

  ǒ Nope, this can only delay your voice. We recommend you to use the PTX-20. This 6-channel professional mixing board has 99 DSP effects and Bluetooth/USB function. It also has USB recording interface so that you can record music out to your devices and it can be change your voice sounds. Here is the link: PTX-20

+Can i plug in and use my current usb microphone into this?

  ǒ No, it has one combo XLR/1/4 TRS input and 3 1/4 TRS inputs for mics & instruments & such. Really made to connect regular mics & instruments & other analog audio sources to it.

+Will this work with any condenser mic?

  ǒ Yes, it has +48V phantom power that can be used for condenser microphones.

+What is the maximum watt this mixer pulls from the power supply?

  ǒ The maximum watt that the mixer pulls from the power supply is 5w.

+Can I monitor what is coming from the inputs using the 3.5mm headphone jack?

  ǒ Yes, you can monitor the inputs using the headphone jack, which is for output.

+Will this essentially mix minus like a fx send through the usb back to selected mic or will it loop if your sending a signal back?

  ǒ There is no mix-minus capabilities with PTX-10. Please choose other models such as: PTX-15

+Is this +4 db?

  ǒ It is +10 at max on the slider. The MIC input has its own gain of 0 - 10 with a clipping indicator LED & a -20db pad if you need it. then the EQ has 3 bands HIGH, MID, LOW and the FADER on the EQ goes +10 down to Infinity(mute the mic) on a 3" slider.

+Can i plug the guitar into the xlr line?

  ǒ Yes, that port is designed to accept both XLR and 1/4in plugs. The guitar can also be pluged into the xlr line.

+Will this work with an older macbook? i’m running os 10.6

  ǒ Yes,It should work with older macbook.

+Does it come with software?

  ǒ It does not come with any software.

+How many condenser mics will this supply 48v to at once?

  ǒ Only one condenser mic.

+Does the usb go both ways? allow audio input from the computer, while also allowing output to the computer for recording the mix at the same time?

  ǒ Yes it goes both way. You can charge the mixer with USB or input audio from the computer, and of course you can output the music to computer for recording and mixing.

+Does it work with garageband? And can you plug a midi keyboard into it?

  ǒ Yes it can work with Garageband and you can plug a keyboard into it.

+Can this be used for karaoke?

  ǒ You can definitely use this to connect your microphone to a PA system, speaker, and mix and adjust your microphone for some good sound.

+What do u recommend i do to get the cleanest possible signal i could get from this mixer?

  ǒ An easy way to get a clean signal out of this and most other USB mixers is to drop the digital gain on your PC (usually use around 10%) and then compensate for that using the mixer's gain control. That will drop your recording's noise floor quite a bit.

+Can this push a 250 ohm headset?

  ǒ Yes it can push a 250 ohm headset.

+Does the mute button actually mute channel 1 or just the effects?

  ǒ The mute button will mute the effects but not channel one.

+Are there built in Pre-Amps?

  ǒ This is a basic system so it does not have built-in pre-amp.

+Can i plug 3 mics into this and record to audacity at the same time ?

  ǒ There are four channels on the mixer so the answer is yes

+Is there a way to use a limited, compression or noise gate?

  ǒ The PTX-10 has no built-in compression/noise gate functionality. You can use external noise gate device to achieve the effect that you want.

+Can it be powered by an external usb battery? (or does it need to be plugged into a computer to be powered via usb cable.)

  ǒ It comes with a wall charger can plug it into the wall.

+Will it record 1 electric guitar using phantom power and another using the line out with a dynamic mic simultaneously?

  ǒ Yes it can do this simultaneously.

+Will this allow me to listen to my own voice through headphones as I speak into a mic(xlr)? I have a noise-isolating headset and can't hear myself.

  ǒ Yes. The headphone output is a 1/4 inch jack at the upper right hand corner and will monitor everything coming from your inputs.

+Can i use this to hear myself realtime while also hearing my game on my pc at the same time so i can record without shouting at my screen?

  ǒ Yes you can do so by inputting your sound into one channel and inputting the game sound into another channel. Then monitor both from the output.

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