FAQ PTX-20/30

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+How to fix the current noise/static delay problem encountered by the PTX-20/30 mixer after connecting to the computer?

  ǒ Please put update file (click here to download) in a USB drive along with one mp3 audio file since the USB drive needs to have at least one audio file to be recognized by the mixer. Connect the USB drive to the USB port on the mixer, turn the mixer on. The MP3 display will be on first and then it will turn off for a few seconds before turnning on again. Once it turns on again, the update is completed. Turn off the mixer and remove the update file from the USB drive. Now you can connect your computer to the mixer again and see if the issue is still there.

+Can this be used to record directly onto a usb thumb drive?

  ǒ Yes, you can used to record directly onto a USB thumb drive.

+Can i record 4 separate mono vocal mics, for example, to a daw simultaneously?

  ǒ The audio will be mixed into one track and send to your computer for recording. So it is not possible to record 4 separate tracks simultaneously.

+Does the ptx 30 have the ability to record directly to a computer or is it just to a flash drive? and how do you record to a flash drive using the 30

  ǒ PTX-30 can be directly connected to a computer for recording. You need to connect to the computer with USB cable, and the computer will recognize the mixer and use the audio/garage band software to record.

+Can i use this mixer with powered speakers???

  ǒ Yes, just plug the TRS cables into the two Main Outputs.

+Is room out same as aux output? Will room out send the audio from fx ?

  ǒ The ROOM OUT is not a Aux Send output. It replicates the MAIN OUT and will output the same audio so that you can connect it extra pair of speakers.

+Can this output to multiple separate tracks on its own without using a daw?

  ǒ The output of the PTX-20 will be a single track of audio. You can have multiple input when you are recording and in your recording software, it will be recognized as a single track input because the mixer will mix all input together.

+is the PTX-30 a digital or analog mixer?

  ǒ The PTX-30 is a analog mixer not a digital mixer.

+Does this work with drum mics?

  ǒ Yes, you can use a XLR to XLR cable to connect your drum mics and the mixer.

+Are there xlr outputs? there seems to be conflicting info/ comments with customer’s reviews.

  ǒ The first batch did not have XLR outputs but we have upgraded the system later. The current inventory should have two XLR outputs next to the power switch at the top of the mixer. Please refer to pictures in the listing page.

+Can i send the signal to left and right monitor speakers?

  ǒ The main output has 1/4” left and right channels so you can connect output signal to left and right speaker separately. It also has another pair of 1/4” output, marked as ROOM OUT, so you can connect the output signals to two pairs of speakers.

+Does it come with android app with mixer interface to control BT wirelessly?

  ǒ No it does not. It do not need an app to use the recording and Bluetooth function. You can select Bluetooth mode and then select different songs using the buttons on the mixing board.

+Does it also function as an amp for speakers?

  ǒ No it can't. Most mixers require a stereo amplifier, or a PA system with a power amp

+Can you give echo to the channels?

  ǒ Yes, the DSP effects of this board contains ECHO effect. You can apply it to any channel that you want.

+Can audio out on a pc play music through the usb port on the board?

  ǒ Yes, you can use the usb port to play music.

+Is these aux out on this ? I know room out is jot same as aux out

  ǒ This unit does not have aux out. You can check out our PTX-15 model if you are looking for aux send output.

+Instead of recording on a usb drive, can I connect its usb port to the usb port of computer to record using audacity as it has usb audio interface?

  ǒ Yes of course. With proper cable you can connect the mixer to your computer for recording with software.

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