Introducing The  Phenyx Pro PTU-5200

Introducing The Phenyx Pro PTU-5200

RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2022
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Introducing the latest addition to the Phenyx Pro wireless microphone series, the PTU-5200, a quad-channel cordless microphone system that achieves the convenience and premium sound quality every user cares about. It combines quality sound, a simple setup, and an intuitive interface for excellent audio performance right out of the box.



The microphone capsule's heart pole mode effectively captures and transmits sound without feedback and unwanted ambient noise. The system comes with 25 optional frequency groups, allowing up to 25 systems to be used at the same time (for best results, do not use more than ten simultaneously). As a result, the PTU-5200 is ideal for public speaking, conference meetings, singing, church, and outdoor activities.




  • Sturdy building with details. Metal UHF wireless receivers and UHF handheld microphones are designed to last, suitable for heavy use. The coverage of PTU-5200 is made of aluminum alloy material, which is scratch-resistant, not easy to peel off, and light to use, allowing users to enjoy the perfect experience on the stage. Each mic comes with anti-rolling rings for better protection and color-coding. AA batteries are also included for users' convenience. Plus, users can also check out the channel indicator and the MUTE function on the handheld display.



  • Unintended touching prevention. The SET button that controls frequency switching and transmitter pairing up, and the volume control button, are designed under the battery cover to prevent unintended touching during usage.




  • 25 adjustable frequency. State-of-the-art circuitry designs 25 adjustable frequency sets for this cordless mic system in the 500MHz band, allowing up to 25 units to use at the same time without interference theoretically. Users can enjoy the freedom of changing frequency if the preset frequency fails. The system utilizes frequency-hopping technology to change the frequency with ease. Compared to the IR synchronization technology, where users need to aim the transmitter and receiver at a closed distance, the frequency-hopping technology allows users to change the frequency at a distance with a simple press of the "SET" button hidden under the battery cover. The system operation distance is up to 200ft in an open space line of sight.



  • Stable wireless performance: High-quality cardioid capsule and well-tested circuitry design can capture sound and transmit it smoothly without dropouts, hiss, or feedback, delivering robust, clean, and stable sound quality, ideal for applications like church, weddings, public speaking, instruction, conference, and outdoor events.



Why the Phenyx Pro PTU-5200?


Like all the Phenyx Pro UHF wireless microphone systems, the PTU-5200 also offers a perfect solution to solve the problem of traditional handheld microphone cables. Besides, compared to the fixed frequency PTU-5000A system, the PTU-5200 features a selectable frequency design and avoid interference with more efficiency.





  1. The users will need to connect this system to extra audio equipment like an amplifier/speaker to output the sound. It DOES NOT come with a speaker.


  1. Please keep the receiver away from Bluetooth or other digital devices (such as cellphones, jukebox, DVDs, etc.) to avoid potential sources of interference.


  1. Please do not face the microphone to the receiver too closely to avoid feedback and statics.


  1. This system cannot be rack-mounted.


  1. The handheld microphones of this system look the same as the Phenyx Pro PTU-52 handheld microphones, but their internal circuit design is different.So the PTU-52 handheld microphone is not compatible with the PTU-5200.



What comes with the PTU-5200?



1 x UHF wireless receiver,

1 x user manual,

1 x power adapter,

1 x 1/4’’ audio cable,

4 x UHF wireless mics,

2 x antennas,

4 x anti-rolling mic protection rings,

8 x AA batteries



Where to buy it?

The Phenyx Pro® PTU-5200 is available at Phenyx Pro Website


Recommended Accessories: 

Large carrying case

XLR Snake cable

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