Introducing the PDP-1/2 Wireless Microphone

Thanks to the growing mature digital circuitry, Phenyx Pro launched PDP-1 and PDP-2 to render diverse wireless audio experience for our customer. This blog will guide you to glance over the pros of digital system and the newly-launched PDP-1/2.

Here at Phenyx Pro, we have always focused on the advancements of wireless technology in the audio world. As we observed the continuous progression from analog to digital wireless microphone systems due to some unique advantages of the growing mature digital circuitry, we started our exploration in the digital systems in the hope of bringing our users a better and more diverse wireless audio experience.

People who mainly use analog systems may not be sure about the performance of digital systems. Hence we have developed the Phenyx Digital Portable (PDP) Series, a new series that allows you to experience the charm of digital systems at an affordable cost. The first to be introduced is the digital wireless microphone system with a rechargeable receiver, including the single-channel (PDP-1) and the dual-channel (PDP-2) versions.

Before we go into details of the new products, let's take a look at the distinctive pros of the digital wireless microphone system.

What’s good about digital?

A digital wireless microphone system converts the sound into a digital signal. The most significant difference between analog and digital audio signals is that analog signals are electrical, whereas digital signals are binary. Such encrypted discrete low-intensity signal makes digital systems rival their analog counterpart in terms of sound quality, signal security, and spectrum efficiency.

Sound Quality

Generally speaking, digital systems offer better and purer sound quality mainly because the audio is converted to high-resolution, usually 24bit/48kHz, digital signal, and that signal have great dynamic range and relatively small loss. On the contrary, the analog audio signal is an electric current that needs to be compressed in the transmitter and then expanded in the receiver. The compression, combined with the possible absorption and reflection during transmission, causes more loss in quality.

Signal Security

In digital wireless microphone systems, signals can be encrypted to avoid interception from other devices. As a result, it can guarantee a more stable and secure signal transmission and less interference. 

Spectrum Efficiency

In the digital transmission system, the carrier frequency is modulated into discrete binary codes, basically zeros and ones. Thus, the modulation is more effective, and the bandwidth of the signal is reduced to make space for more channels compared to the traditional FM modulation that occupies greater space around the transmission frequency.

What’s good about the PDP-1 and PDP-2?

Now, let’s find out what’s good about our first digital portable solution, the PDP-1 and PDP-2 wireless microphone systems. 

Stellar Sound with the UHF Digital Circuitry

It boasts the advanced 48kHz/24bit digital circuitry with a negligible 2.5ms delay and designedly deploys the tunable 900MHz frequency to avoid the crowded 500MHz and 2.4GHz bands. Together with the classic dynamic cardioid mic capsule that can selectively capture your original voice by rejecting off-axis noise, the PDP wireless microphone system delivers accurate pure sound and cleaner signals compared to the usual analog microphone system.

Ultimate Convenience with Portable Receiver

The portable wireless receiver is rechargeable and equipped with 1500mAh battery capacity. It can generate 12 hours of party time for PDP-1 and 5.5 hours of party time for PDP-2 (with two handhelds). The universal Type-C charging port provides quick and easy charging anywhere at any time. Both receiver and handheld microphone are durable-metal built with elegant titanium silver color. The compact system can easily achieve 200ft coverage when using the unit in the proper line-of-sight distance. You can freely carry the whole system for on-the-go performances.

Hassle-free Hookup

Both PDP-1 and PDP-2 are automatically synced. Turn on the receiver and each transmitter, and plug the mini receiver with a 1/4'' TS connector to output the sound. Then, cue the music!

One-tap Functional Mic

The handheld transmitter features the mute function and instant frequency selection. Long press the power button to turn on/off the mic and short press the button to mute it. You can also distantly select a desired frequency by a simple tap on the frequency selection button.

All-in-one Package

The package considerately includes the necessary accessories to help you obtain a great wireless experience out of the box. For example, insert the receiver to the angle TS male to female adapter to keep the antenna upward for better reception. Wear the foam cover for your mic to avoid unwanted popping sounds. Use the 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter to make the receiver compatible with more devices as you want. The box content is listed out below.

  • Rechargeable wireless receiver
  • Handheld microphone
  • USB-C charging cable 
  • Angle TS male to female adapter 
  • 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter 
  • Handheld foam cover 
  • AA battery 
  • User’s manual


With the above functions and strengths of the PDP-1 and PDP-2 systems, you can easily find your beat with them in small-scale live performances, such as karaoke, weddings, church sermons, broadcast, meetings, etc.

We are going to add more products to the PDP family, including the wireless receiver and transmitter system, wireless guitar system, and in-ear monitor system. However, the digital system is not a perfect solution for all applications. We will dig a little deeper into the pros and cons of digital vs. analog and some key factors to consider when choosing between.