About us

Our Mission

We believe in the power of music.


We have always found it important in our lives, whether for the pleasure in listening, the emotional expression, performing on significant moments, or creating. As interaction with sound is indispensable, either to make it or to enjoy it, we want to provide you with a better and easier sound solution.


We focus on audio product innovation and push the technology forward to meet our users' real needs, from music enthusiasts to creative people, from professionals to beginners.

Who We Are

Phenyx Pro designs its products with high-quality components and fine details. With strong R&D ability from the in-house engineering and industrial design team, and close connection with users, we continuously refine our audio products.


After few years of growing, we have developed product lines covering wireless microphone systems, in-ear monitor systems, audio mixers, and instrument microphones.


We are still expanding and growing, and we appreciate anyone who grows with us along the journey.

Inspire Creativity
Inspire Dream

- Phenyx Pro

Our Community

Connection is important in Phenyx Pro.


We are dedicated to building a supportive community for our users. We support local priests, DJ, musicians, and small bands for creative work and invite them to our beta test programs.


Thanks to the valuable opinions from our users, we are able to substantially enhance our product performance over the years and we will continue to do so for years to come. Customers can join our Facebook group for troubleshooting tips and experience sharings, join our Reward Membership Program for special discounts, or join our Affiliates Program to earn commissions by promoting our products.


Connecting closely and being inspirational and creative are vital to our success. Please check out our programs and start your journey in sound with us.