Introducing the PTU-2U

Phenyx Pro announced the launch of the PTU-2U, a stunning wireless dual microphone system that inherits the studio-level sound quality and true diversity design for rock-firm stability. 

Many Phenyx Pro users have applauded the premium build and sound quality of the PTU-1U and have been looking for its dual version. After numerous rigorous tests, today, we are proud to announce the launch of the PTU-2U, which inherits the rock-firm stability and studio-level pristine sound quality from the PTU-1U thanks to its state-of-the-art true diversity circuitry. Let’s dive into the details of the PTU-2U.

System Features

True Diversity. The PTU-2U adopts the true diversity circuitry that employs powerful core processors to automatically detect and select the stronger signal to use, ideally preventing feedback and dropouts. With the true diversity circuitry design, each channel has two independent receiver processors, respectively, with two spaced-apart antennas. The unit continuously polls two processors to pick up audio signals transmitted from a wireless microphone and select the stronger one detected by the antenna. In this way, the system guarantees the exceptionally stable signal in wireless performance since the exhibit of a cutoff in both antennas simultaneously is rare under usual situations. 

1000 Frequency Groups. Like the PTU-1U, the PTU-2U offers 1000 adjustable 500MHz-band UHF groups across 25MHz bandwidth for interference-free wireless performance, and the PTU-2U can always find a gap to operate to eliminate potential interference effectively for steady performance. There are 25 frequency banks with 40 preset frequencies each and 25kHz intervals between adjacent frequencies, allowing more than 10 units to operate simultaneously. It may be difficult for users to manually find the right frequency among the 1000 groups, but the special auto-scan function of the PTU-2U will come to the rescue.

Rock-firm 328Ft Coverage. PTU-2U renders stable transmission within 328ft (100m) distance and fends against any interference, dropout, and cutoff. It can impress in any mid-to-large scale venue with its premium sound quality, ideal for stages, live shows, church worship, wedding, DJ gigs, and outdoor events.

Studio-level pristine sound. The PTU-2U microphone adopts a cardioid pattern to selectively pick up original sound and effectively minimize pops sound and ambient noise. The frequency response is a somewhat flat shaped frequency response, so the PTU-2U can steadily and solidly transmit bass, middle and treble among the 50-18kHz frequency range. Thus, it can perfectly transmit full and clear sound.

Powerful Functions

The PTU-2U boasts the lock function, auto-scan function and special SQL setting, which are practical and favorable for professional use from medium to large events.

Lock Function

Lock or unlock the receiver channel to prevent accidental channel changes and function access.

Auto Scan Function

The advanced auto-scan circuitry scans the entire RF environment with more precision, quickly locates the best available frequency, and delivers promising wireless performance. Thus, the PTU-2U guarantees fewer cutoffs and dropouts for your important moments. In this way, you can enjoy a hassle-free setup via one-button automatic frequency management among 1000 frequency groups within a 25MHz switching bandwidth for greater tuning flexibility.

SQL Setting

The squelch level function enables adjusting the squelch level according to the local environment to decrease white noises.

System Details

All-metal Housing. Both the PTU-2U receiver and handheld microphones have extremely durable full metal housing with simple, elegant designs. It gives you a good hand feel when you get a hold of it.

Replaceable Capsule. The microphone capsule and body are connected by separate metal circuitry, unlike other wire-connected ones. If the capsule gets broken from a sudden drop, you just need to replace it with a new capsule rather than the whole microphone, which provides greater flexibility in your workflow.

Metal Handler. The PTU-2U has two metal handlers on the front panel for easy installation and removal from the rack case. 

Adapter Cord Tie-off. The receiver has an adapter cord tie-off on the rear panel for manageable cabling and to avoid adapter fall-off. 

Battery Saving Option. The handheld microphone has an RF power switch under the battery cover. Users can switch to the “HI” high power mode (default setting) for stabler signal transmission and to the “LO” low power mode for power saving. This switch is useful to save power if the handheld stands by for a long time.

Box Content

  • 1 x Wireless receiver
  • 2 x Handheld transmitters
  • 4 x BNC antennas
  •  1 x Power adapter
  •  1 x 1/4” audio cable
  •  1 x 6.5mm to 3.5mm adapter
  •  4 x AA batteries
  •  2 x Anti-rolling rings
  •  1 x User manual

PTU-2U, The Ultimate Solution

The PTU-2U integrates every system detail and essential function for a professional or a music enthusiast. Thanks to true diversity and a plethora of functions under one roof, the PTU-2U enables the studio-level pristine sound uninterruptedly permeates every corner in the mid-to-large stage. Never compromises your sound with any interference or cutoff. Never disappoints you in a complicated or crowded RF environment.

  Purchase Access

The Phenyx Pro PTU-2U is available on our website.

  • PTU-2U
  • Large carrying case
  • XLR snake cable
  • Front mount antenna kit