New Upgrades With Phenyx Pro PTX-15

New Upgrades With Phenyx Pro PTX-15

The PTX-15 brings amazing new features that help you focus on your passion and creativity and explore more with Phenyx Pro.
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Phenyx Pro maintains a close connection with our users and constantly innovates our products in line with their needs to provide better and easier sound solutions. Since PTX-15 was released in 2019, our team has received sincere feedback from customers, and the new version of PTX-15 will soon be launched.  


Key Features and Enhancements:


  1. Four Inputs:  There were four mono input channels with gold plated XLRs and separated line inputs features on the original version. And now, there are four integrated XLR and balanced line inputs on the PTX-15 audio mixer.


  1. 48 + Phantom power: There was only one +48V phantom power control on the old version of the PTX-15. However, once the users press the button, the phantom power will apply to all channels. The new version of the PTX-15 features +48V phantom power control on each channel, allowing more flexibility to mix single or multiple capacitor channels. But be sure to turn each phantom power off if the users do not need to use the mics that require phantom power, and then the users can plug in whatever they want or unplug whatever they want.


  1. AUX SEND: We also added AUX SEND between the original LOW EQ Knob and EFX SEND Knob. The users can attach an extra effect processor to the AUX SEND OUTPUT port as an auxiliary output, and then they can use FX SEND/Return for external Signal processing. When using this feature, users can utilize the AUX SEND knob to control the audio output of each channel to AUX SEND, and connect external effectors or pressure limiters to control the sound from the output, and then back out of the return port to be mixed with the finished mix.         


  1. 16 DSP EFFECT: The new version of PTX-15 has also been updated with the 16 DSP Effect, which adds the following effects.


  • PING PONG DELAY: Ping Pong delay delivers the repeats alternately between left and right in a stereo field.
  • HALL REVERB: Hall reverb, as the name suggests, emulates the ambiance of a hall with a dull sound and long Decay.
  • ROOM REVERB: Room reverb emulates a room, which is smaller than a hall and so has a shorter Decay.




The new version of PTX-15 provides users with more convenient operations. We highly recommend this to anyone, amateur or professional, who is looking for something light and compact to take out on the road.

 We have also created a video to walk you through the details. Check it out now! 

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