PTM-11-2B | UHF Mono Wireless In-Ear Monitor System w/ 1 Loop Output
PTM-11-2B | UHF Mono Wireless In-Ear Monitor System w/ 1 Loop Output
PTM-11-2B | UHF Mono Wireless In-Ear Monitor System w/ 1 Loop Output
PTM-11-2B | UHF Mono Wireless In-Ear Monitor System w/ 1 Loop Output
PTM-11-2B | UHF Mono Wireless In-Ear Monitor System w/ 1 Loop Output

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PTM-11-2B | UHF Mono Wireless In-Ear Monitor System w/ 1 Loop Output

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Frequency Version:902-927MHz
Power Adapter:US
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One Monitor Station. Diversified Monitoring Experience.

The PTM-11 wireless IEM system tackles the challenges of floor monitor in live performances, allowing you to freely move on stage, engage with fans, and share one basic monitor signal with your bandmates while personalizing your monitoring experience. The flexible and diversified mono monitoring experience lets you focus more on your content. With convenient loop outputs, the exceptional entry-level monitoring solution allows you to better navigate your music adventures.


  • Crystal-clear mono audio without latency lasts throughout your whole performance.
  • The PAD button lowers the input gain to prevent loud input sources from overloading and clipping the preamplifier.
  • The LOOP OUT design for flexible routing operation.
  • One stand-alone mix offers a flexible and diverse monitoring experience.
  • Selectable UHF frequency design to avoid interference easily.
  • Quick IR sync and one-touch frequency selection for fuss-free operation.
  • One transmitter base unit can add as many bodypack receivers as you need.
  • Rugged-built receivers and bodypacks with a sleek design.
  • Rack-mountable with brackets included in the package.
  • Up to 164ft/50m free operation range.
  • Operates in the 900MHz/500MHz range. 902.35-914.6MHz (50 frequencies); 530.05-542.3MHz (50 frequencies).

/ Dive into the Diversified Monitoring Series

PTM-11/22/33 Series Wireless Mono In-Ear Monitor System

The PTM-11/22/33 wireless in-ear monitor system delivers high-fidelity, clear audio with no latency, perfect for professionals who are looking for an affordable IEM option. It features selectable UHF frequencies, supports multiple monitor mixes (1 for PTM-11, 2 for PTM-22, up to 4 for PTM-33), and operates up to 164ft. The LOOP OUT design allows flexible daisy-chain connections, while straightforward IR sync and frequency selection ensure easy setup. Ideal for stages, gigs, bands, and studios, it offers reliable, tangle-free performance.

PTM-11/22/33 Mono IEM System

Ingenious Integrated Monitor Station for Clean Audio Experience


Operation Principle

The in-ear monitoring system connects an audio source, such as the monitor output of a mixing console, a playback device, or a microphone, to the transmitter base unit. This unit converts the audio input into radio waves, which are transmitted via the antenna to the receiver belt pack. The receiver decodes the radio waves into audio and delivers clear, reliable sound to the performer through earphones. This system ensures seamless, high-quality audio monitoring and provides performers with full stage freedom.

Elevate Your Stage Presence with Precise Sound

Stable Connections for Perfect Performances

Enhance Your Monitoring Experience with Mono Audio

Experience crisp mono audio with our in-ear monitoring system. Customize your monitoring with multiple mixes through the flexible LOOP OUT design. Take control of your sound with the PAD button (only for PTM-11/22), which prevents input overload, and enjoy hassle-free synchronization through IR sync. All settings are easily managed on the LCD screen for a seamless monitoring experience.


Spark Your Talent with Adaptable Daisy-Chain Connection

If you want to send a signal (e.g., AUX 1 signal) to all channel receivers, please connect the signal-sending device to a LOOP OUT left/right jack and then daisy chain this signal to corresponding left/right inputs of other channels, according to the sample.


Delay-Free UHF Circuitry


Lossless Mono Monitoring


Crystal-Clear Audio


Up to 4 Standalone Mixes


One-Touch Frequency Selection


Flexible Daisy-Chain Operation

Quick Pairing

Pairing with a mono wireless IEM bodypack receiver is a snap. Align the IR window with the transmitter for quick frequency synchronization.

Intuitive Monitoring

The bodypack receiver's LCD shows RF signal, audio signal, and battery status, ensuring users stay informed and in control during performances.

Effortless Expansion

Users can effortlessly expand their system by adding more bodypack receivers as needed. Tuning all bodypacks to the same frequency ensures consistent monitoring.

Simple Control

With the POWER KNOB, simply twist it to power on/off, and adjust the volume with ease. Enjoy complete control at your fingertips.


Upgrade Your Monitoring Experience

Elevate your monitoring experience with exceptional entry-level mono clarity

Unleash Your Passion

Take the stage confidently, with flawless sound and freedom to move

PTM-11/22/33 Series

Enhancing Stage Freedom with Integrated Monitor Station


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