FAQ PTU-5000

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+Will this connect to a Marshall amplifier?

  ǒ As long as your marshall amplifier has a 1/4'' MIC INPUT/3.5mm input jack, you can connect the wireless microphone to the speaker.

+Can this be connected to dslr camera for exxample nikon d750?

  ǒ This system is not designed for camera and we would not suggest to connect it to camera and use together.

+Does this product come with a traveling case?

  ǒ No traveling case, but the box has a handle and a very convenient foam insert that cradle everything. We also have carrying case sold separately: Carrying Case

+What is the output level of the 1/4 inch combined output? Is it microphone level or line level?  

  ǒ The output level of the 1/4 is0-500mV. It is mic level.

+If I buy two of these 4-mic pacs, will they interfere with each other since there are only 4 channels?

  ǒ Yes, they will interfere with each other. If you want to use 8 mics system, you can purchase our newly launched an 8-channel version of PTU-4000: PTU-4000A

+Can the mixed 1/4 output be used with an xlr adapter to feed the Saramonic SmartRig+ audio interface for a smartphone?

  ǒ Yes you can use it this way and conenct it to a smartphone. But we are not sure if the sound quality would be compromised.

+Looks like the power adapter outputs 12vdc. i've used li-ion battery pack for devices like this. what is the current draw of the receiver?

  ǒ The power adapter outputs 13.5V DC and 600mA. We suggest use AA batteries for the transmitters.

+Can the power plug be replaced with australian new zealand specification?

  ǒ Included in the package is an American power adapter (working at 110-240V). For other regions, an extra power adapter may be required: International Wall Charger

+Can this be connected to a computer for mixed mic input?

  ǒ This can be connected to a computer as long as you use a 6.5mm to 3.5mm adapter(TRRS type) on top of the audio cable. But the volume will be low and the result will not be as good as connecting it to amp/speaker. We will suggest you use a mixer/preamp in between the system and the computer to get better result.

+Do you need to hook these mics up to speakers for the amplification to work?

  ǒ The wireless system needs to connect to speaker/amplifier to output the sound.

+I have the unit with 2 mics and 2 belt transmitters, and I want to use 4 mics, what frequencies do I need to order?

  ǒ You can select the microphone of the same frequency according to the display on the receiver. Please note that one PTU-5000 receiver can only support 4 transmitters to work at the same time: Accessories For PTU-5000

+What is the transmission power (mW) of the handheld mics?

  ǒ The transmission power is 10mW.

+Does this system need to be hooked up to a mixer as well as an amplifier? If so, does anyone have recommendations as to what mixers/amps work well?

  ǒ This system can directly hoop up with an active speaker/Amp. A mixer is not necessary. If you want to create personal mix and adjust the voulme/gain better, you can try our mixer: Phenyx Pro Audio Mixer

+Does it come with the cable and antena mount to rack mount it? If not where do we purchase it from?

  ǒ It not come with a cable, but you can find them in PTU-5000 accessories:Accessories For PTU-5000

+Is the mixed audio output stereo?

  ǒ No it’s not stereo. But you can use a 1/4” to rca cable to connect to your next stage system.

+can all 4 mics be used at the same time?

  ǒ All channels are in different frequencies and all four mics can be used at the same time.

+When you turn the mic on does the light stay on so you know it’s on

  ǒ Yes the LCD screen will stay on after you turn on the mic.

+Is it possible to get 3 hand mics and 1 lapel mic in a package?

  ǒ We support customized configuration, please click link:Customization Program or contact us at support@phenyxpro.com

+I am trying to connect my yamaha av receiver (tsr 7850) to a wireless microphone so the sound / music / karaoke is possible. is this the product?

  ǒ Yes you can. There are two way to connect the system to an AV receiver. Please check out the attached picture of the possible connectivity. Typically, you would need to purchase a 1/4'' to RCA cable if you want to use RCA. If you AV receiver has a mic input, you can directly connect the system to its mic input.

+Does the mixed 1/4'', XLR audio output use a balanced or unbalanced jack?

  ǒ The 1/4'' mixed output is unbalanced and the XLR output is balanced.

+When using the 1/4" mixed output, do the volume controls still control the mic input into the mix?

  ǒ Yes when you use the 1/4'' mixed output, the volume controls will still control the volume of each mic.

+What kind of stand can i use for this mic?? These mics seem to be a bit larger and rounder than normal ones

  ǒ Here is the mic clip that we would recommend: Mic Clip. It is wider and should fit with the wireless microphone. The diameter of our wireless handheld mic is 3.7cm.

+What type of microphone is it , cardioid , super cardioid ?

  ǒ The element type is dynamic and the pattern is cardioid.

+Can you use this system and another brand of wireless microphones at the same time without interference? We need to use more than 4 wireless mics

  ǒ Yes, as long as the frequency are different, you can use them with other wireless mics together without interference.

+Does it require a direct (no obstruction) line of site?

  ǒ It will through the wall successfully, but the distance is shorter if a wall is in the way. type of wall also will cut down the distance.

+Is it Bluetooth ?

  ǒ No, it's not Bluetooth

+Can I mix each mic separately?

  ǒ The PTU-5000 system has four XLR outputs and one mixed output. You can mix each mic seperately using the four XLR outputs. It also has seperate volume controls.

+I seen on the picture it says “only one system can be used at the same time”. So 2 lapel mics can’t work at the same time plugged into a mixer?

  ǒ Two lapels will be able to use at the same time. "One system can be used at a same time" means that only one PTU-5000 system can be used. Since it is a fixed frequency system, when two PTU-5000 systems (same frequency) are used at the same time, they will interfere with each other.

+Can i use an ipad or a laptop computer and mixer to connected to a smart tv?

  ǒ Normally, in order to output the sound of the mic and the music from the TV at the same time, you need a stereo receiving interface in between, like a mixer or the Denon Stereo Receiver. Connect our wireless system and the TV audio output to the mixer, and then connect the output of the mixer to your speaker. In this way, the home karaoke setup is complete.

+Can you change the capsule ?

  ǒ The capsule is fixed and connected with the circuit board in the transmitter. Thus you cannot change it by yourself.

+Will all four mics work on one amplified speaker?

  ǒ You can use the 1/4'' mxied output to output all four mics to one amplified speaker.

+How would you install this transmitter into a gig box with the antennas on the back???

  ǒ We sell the antenna kit separately for the PTU-5000. You can mount the antenna at front using the kit. Here is the link: Accessories For PTU-5000

+How do you charge them up

  ǒ The batteries for the PTU-5000 are not rechareageble. You will need to replace with new batteries when the battery level is low. You will find an AC adapter inside the package. Please use the AC adapter to connect the receiver to the wallout and power on the receiver. Then use fresh AA batteries to power on the transmitters. Microphone also supports 1.5V rechargeable batteries.

+How do you know when is time to change the battery? I am afraid I go to a live service and they die in the middle of it!

  ǒ The LCD screen will turn red when the battery is low. Then you can start to change batteries.

+Do you have to remove the bottom of the mic to get to the power button?

  ǒ Nope, the switch ON/OFF is on the bottom of the microphone, you can turn it on/off with just a light press.

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