FAQ PTU-7000

+Can you connect more than 4 microphones to this system?     ǒ You can use 40 mics at the same time. Since the U7000 is a four-channel wireless system, so one system can only operate four mics at the same time. There should be no problem operating the system with your existing systems since you can select suitable frequency or use the auto scan function to scan the room and let the system itself select the best available frequency set. +Is it compatible with 220v?     ǒ Our power adapter works for 110v - 240v. So the system is good for 220v +How do you take the feet off and if you need to put them back on if you take it out of the rack don’t want to permanently take them off     ǒ The center pin in the bottom of the feet can be carefully pried out with a small (micro) screwdriver without opening up the unit... just be careful not to break the plastic pin. After the pin is out the feet slide out easily. You can cover the holes with painter's tape to keep dust out. +It may have been said that the ptu-7000 is stackable? if two are needed, do they inter-connect? share antennas? what's being said with, "stackable"?     ǒ The PTU-7000 is a selectable frequency quad channel system. "Stackable" means you can use more than 10 systems together at the same time using the auto-scan function. Thus, you can surely use two PTU-7000 together. The handhelds are antennas are all the same so they can be interchangeable. +Can i record the audio from the ptu-7000b system by using an iphone or android phone?     ǒ You can record the audio from this with your phone, but you’d need an appropriate interface to do it. Best to use an audio interface but with adapters you could plug into the trrs headphone jack from the mic output. +Currently im using this microphones at chruch and it seems that there is a static noise comming from the speakers?     ǒ The PTU-7000 is a selectable frequency quad channels system with auto scan function that can automatically search for the least interference channel available in your vicinity. If you have any problem with the preset frequency group, you can adjust it and make sure the LCD screen shows up the same frequency group as the receiver LCD display does. Also, make sure the antennas are in a place where they arent getting blocked. +Can you buy this as additional set along with my existing ptu5000?     ǒ Yes, since it has selectable frequency, it can be used with the PTU-5000 or other systems. +Does this need an external speaker? Never used a wireless microphone before     ǒ Basically most, if not all, wireless microphone system needs to work with amplifier/speaker to output the sound. It is not a standalone unit that can work on its own. It is a device that can pick up your sound and transmit your sound wirelessly, however, outputting the sound will need other equipments. +Is this better than ptu 5000? In sound quality     ǒ The biggest advantage of the system is the selectable frequency design and auto scan feature, which enable multiset operation and less interference. In term of stability and reliabity, it will be better. In term of sound quality, we think they are in the same high quality level. +If I use a iPad that is wi-fi only will it interfere with the receiver because I use it for my music instead of a computer.     ǒ It should be fine since WiFi operates in a higher frequency range. UHF systems like ours are not adversely affected by WiFi. +If opting for rechargeable batteries, and pulling the batteries from the mics after each use for subsequent recharges, do mics need rescanned?     ǒ No you do not need to rescan since the system will remember the last stage of the system and it will pair up automatically again once you plug in the batteries. +Can i use this system for karaoke? if so what do i need to hook this up to a tv?     ǒ Yes you can connect the wireless system to your TV. The necessary accessories depend on the model of your TV and the sound speaker. I think in most case, as long as you have the wireless system, TV, and the soundbar, you should be good to go. We have customers use our products for home karaoke and the result is fantastic. If you have further questions regarding connectivity and setup, please email us at support@phenyxpro.com to let us know the brand and model of the TV/soundbar you have.


+Should I plug this in directly to the Monitor/Headphones jack on the mixing board or does it need to go through the amplifier first?     ǒ Yes, you can plug this indirectly to the mixing board and no need to go through the amp first. +Does this units receiver receive true stereo? Also, what tis the receivers freq range (I’m a Bass player)?   ǒ Yes, it receives true stereo and the frequency range of the receiver is 905 - 925 MHz. We have another frequency group 555-575MHz: https://phenyxpro.com/collections/in-ear-monitor-system/products/ptm-10-500-mhz +Does the bodypack have a belt clip so I I don't have to hold it or put it in my pocket?   ǒ Yes, the bodypack have a belt clip. +What is the difference from stereo in ears and mono in ears?   ǒ Normally if you want to connect the monitor to the presonus system, you only need to connect it directly with the cable that came with the package. No other cables needed. It will work with the preamp. +How do you mount two tranmitters side by side in a rack case?   ǒ You can mount one system in one rack space using the antenna kit included in the package. For side by side installation, we commend using a rack shelf and mount them. +Would this transmit audio to 2 body packs? If so can I purchase a second body pack?   ǒ The PTM-10 is a selectable frequency system so you can connect as many bodypack receivers as you want to the base transmitter unit. Only need to make sure you syn the bodypacks to the same frequency as the transmitter's. Here is the link: https://phenyxpro.com/collections/accessories-for-ptm-10/products/bodypack-receiver-compatible-with-ptm-10 +Can I use this for assisted hearing at my church?   ǒ Sure you can use this for assisted hearing. +Can I connect any other bodypack from a different manufacturer to this receiver?   ǒ No, other brands of bodypacks cannot be paired with PTM-10 transmitters. But you can change the earphones on the bodypack. +What is the type antenna connector on the back of the transmitter?   ǒ The antenna connector of PTM-10 has two different models, TNC and BNC. If you need to replace the antenna, please confirm the antenna connectors (TNC/BNC) at the back of your transmitter before purchasing: https://phenyxpro.com/collections/accessories-for-ptm-10/products/antenna-with-in-ear-monitor-system +My body pack says “mute” so i am hearing nothing. how can i fix this?   ǒ The bodypack receiver will show MUTE when it did not receive signal from the transmitter base unit. When you synchronize them together and the receiver received signal, the RF signal displace will show signal strength and the MUTE will automatically disappear. For the IR sync process. Once you select desired frequency and the screen shows "Ir -------", please aim the IR window of the bodypack to the IR window on the transmitter base unit (the red flash), then they will automatically sync within several seconds. You will see the frequency on the bodypack match that on the transmitter. If this is not successful, please take a simple video at support@phenyxpro.com to showcase the issue so that we can take a look and try to troubleshoot it. +How do you get the mix to the transmitter?   ǒ Normally you only need to connect the music source input directly to the base transmitter using the 1/4’’ audio cable or XLR audio cable. For the AUX output on the mixer, you can use an audio cable connect to the right input of the PTM-10 transmitter and select the "mono" mode. Or use a converted audio cable to connect the left and right inputs and select the "stereo" mode. +Can multiple users get their own individual mix?   ǒ No, the only way to have individual mixes is to have multiple transmitters routes through the aux mix bus of the console and have the FOH engineer mix it from there. +Can you use any earbuds with this system?   ǒ Yes, the bodypack uses a standard 3.5mm TRS plug. A word of caution. +I got mine and sound only comes out of one side of my ear buds. i plugged in different ear buds and got the same thing.   ǒ This is a stereo unit if you have two inputs. If you only use one input you will need to set the transmitter to mono to receive sound in both channels of the receiver. For stereo input, please check to see if the balance is set to one side or if it’s in the center. +Can I have 2 seperate mixes in left and right inputs, and then have 2 receivers bodypacks - 1 tuned to left and 2nd to right?   ǒ Yes you can do that. You can use two receiver bodypacks with the same base unit in the same frequency and hear the mix from left and right inputs from different bodypacks. Please set to stereo mode and adjust the balance left/right on the bodypack. +Is it automatic bivolt?   ǒ Yes we have included 110 - 240V power adapter in the package and you will be able to use it in area with voltage between 110V - 240V. +Can multiple receivers connect to the same transmitter? if yes, how many can it handle?   ǒ It can work with as many bodypack receivers as you want and no quantity limit. Link: https://phenyxpro.com/collections/accessories-for-ptm-10/products/bodypack-receiver-compatible-with-ptm-10 +Can in send two XLR aux send to the two inputs left and right in mono?    ǒ Yes you can do so after you set the system to mono mode. You can select either Stereo or Mono mode for the IEM systems. +Whats the audio freq range of the phenyx ptm-10 system (ie 35hz to 17khz or 50hz to 15khz or etc)? also whats the mw power output (30, 50, 100 etc)?   ǒ The audio frequency range is 60hz to 16khz and the mw power output is 100. +Is ths unit good for bass players?    ǒ Yes the unit is good for instrument sound.


+Does it use asio format?   ǒ Yes it uses ASIO format. +Audacity does not read the mics. Do I need to change mics or settings?   ǒ You need to have correct setup in audacity for it to recognize the mixer. Please go to Edit --> Preference --> Device. Then select "Amplifier(USB Audio CODEC)" for Device in Playback and "Microphone(USB Audio CODEC)" for Device in Recording. +Can this device change your voice sounds?   ǒ Nope, this can only delay your voice. We recommend you to use the PTX-20. This 6-channel professional mixing board has 99 DSP effects and Bluetooth/USB function. It also has USB recording interface so that you can record music out to your devices and it can be change your voice sounds. Here is the link: PTX-20 +Can i plug in and use my current usb microphone into this?   ǒ No, it has one combo XLR/1/4 TRS input and 3 1/4 TRS inputs for mics & instruments & such. Really made to connect regular mics & instruments & other analog audio sources to it. +Will this work with any condenser mic?   ǒ Yes, it has +48V phantom power that can be used for condenser microphones. +What is the maximum watt this mixer pulls from the power supply?   ǒ The maximum watt that the mixer pulls from the power supply is 5w. +Can I monitor what is coming from the inputs using the 3.5mm headphone jack?   ǒ Yes, you can monitor the inputs using the headphone jack, which is for output. +Will this essentially mix minus like a fx send through the usb back to selected mic or will it loop if your sending a signal back?   ǒ There is no mix-minus capabilities with PTX-10. Please choose other models such as: PTX-15 +Is this +4 db?   ǒ It is +10 at max on the slider. The MIC input has its own gain of 0 - 10 with a clipping indicator LED & a -20db pad if you need it. then the EQ has 3 bands HIGH, MID, LOW and the FADER on the EQ goes +10 down to Infinity(mute the mic) on a 3" slider. +Can i plug the guitar into the xlr line?   ǒ Yes, that port is designed to accept both XLR and 1/4in plugs. The guitar can also be pluged into the xlr line. +Will this work with an older macbook? i’m running os 10.6   ǒ Yes,It should work with older macbook. +Does it come with software?   ǒ It does not come with any software. +How many condenser mics will this supply 48v to at once?   ǒ Only one condenser mic. +Does the usb go both ways? allow audio input from the computer, while also allowing output to the computer for recording the mix at the same time?   ǒ Yes it goes both way. You can charge the mixer with USB or input audio from the computer, and of course you can output the music to computer for recording and mixing. +Does it work with garageband? And can you plug a midi keyboard into it?   ǒ Yes it can work with Garageband and you can plug a keyboard into it. +Can this be used for karaoke?   ǒ You can definitely use this to connect your microphone to a PA system, speaker, and mix and adjust your microphone for some good sound. +What do u recommend i do to get the cleanest possible signal i could get from this mixer?   ǒ An easy way to get a clean signal out of this and most other USB mixers is to drop the digital gain on your PC (usually use around 10%) and then compensate for that using the mixer's gain control. That will drop your recording's noise floor quite a bit. +Can this push a 250 ohm headset?   ǒ Yes it can push a 250 ohm headset. +Does the mute button actually mute channel 1 or just the effects?   ǒ The mute button will mute the effects but not channel one. +Are there built in Pre-Amps?   ǒ This is a basic system so it does not have built-in pre-amp. +Can i plug 3 mics into this and record to audacity at the same time ?   ǒ There are four channels on the mixer so the answer is yes +Is there a way to use a limited, compression or noise gate?   ǒ The PTX-10 has no built-in compression/noise gate functionality. You can use external noise gate device to achieve the effect that you want. +Can it be powered by an external usb battery? (or does it need to be plugged into a computer to be powered via usb cable.)   ǒ It comes with a wall charger can plug it into the wall. +Will it record 1 electric guitar using phantom power and another using the line out with a dynamic mic simultaneously?   ǒ Yes it can do this simultaneously. +Will this allow me to listen to my own voice through headphones as I speak into a mic(xlr)? I have a noise-isolating headset and can't hear myself.   ǒ Yes. The headphone output is a 1/4 inch jack at the upper right hand corner and will monitor everything coming from your inputs. +Can i use this to hear myself realtime while also hearing my game on my pc at the same time so i can record without shouting at my screen?   ǒ Yes you can do so by inputting your sound into one channel and inputting the game sound into another channel. Then monitor both from the output.


+Can I hook this up to a computer and use a daw to capture a recording   ǒ Yes, it will work well. +how do i hook mixer to Tivi to set up karaoke?   ǒ Normally, if your TV has a RCA output ports, you can connect your TV to the mixer with an RCA to 1/4” TRS cable (not included). Plug the RCA cable to the back of your TV and 1/4“ TRS cable to one of the input channels of the mixer. If it is digital TV. Then you may need a Digital to Analog Audio Converter +Is the voltage used for this product between 110-240 volts?   ǒ Yes. Our power adapter works for 110v - 240v. So the system is good for 220v. +How could i bluetooth a smart tv into this?   ǒ The bluetooth feature on this mixer is a one way function only to stream in music but not output to next stage of equipment. Thus you will not be able to connect the smart tv. +Can i record 4 separate channels simultaneously into a daw?   ǒ The audio will be mixed into one track and send to your computer for recording. So it is not possible to record 4 separate tracks simultaneously. +I see it has ports for left and right speakers, but what about also connecting a monitor for the stage to it?   ǒ Besides the main XLR outputs, the PTX-15 also has a rec out for recording and a line-level aux send output for submixes. You can use the aux send output for your stage monitor but it also depends on which stage monitor you choose. +Can you listen with bluetooth head phones?   ǒ The bluetooth feature on this mixer is a one way function only to stream in music but not output to next stage of equipment. Thus you will not be able to listen.

FAQ PTX-20/30

+How to fix the current noise/static delay problem encountered by the PTX-20/30 mixer after connecting to the computer?   ǒ Please put update file (click here to download) in a USB drive along with one mp3 audio file since the USB drive needs to have at least one audio file to be recognized by the mixer. Connect the USB drive to the USB port on the mixer, turn the mixer on. The MP3 display will be on first and then it will turn off for a few seconds before turnning on again. Once it turns on again, the update is completed. Turn off the mixer and remove the update file from the USB drive. Now you can connect your computer to the mixer again and see if the issue is still there. +Can this be used to record directly onto a usb thumb drive?   ǒ Yes, you can used to record directly onto a USB thumb drive. +Can i record 4 separate mono vocal mics, for example, to a daw simultaneously?   ǒ The audio will be mixed into one track and send to your computer for recording. So it is not possible to record 4 separate tracks simultaneously. +Does the ptx 30 have the ability to record directly to a computer or is it just to a flash drive? and how do you record to a flash drive using the 30   ǒ PTX-30 can be directly connected to a computer for recording. You need to connect to the computer with USB cable, and the computer will recognize the mixer and use the audio/garage band software to record. +Can i use this mixer with powered speakers???   ǒ Yes, just plug the TRS cables into the two Main Outputs. +Is room out same as aux output? Will room out send the audio from fx ?   ǒ The ROOM OUT is not a Aux Send output. It replicates the MAIN OUT and will output the same audio so that you can connect it extra pair of speakers. +Can this output to multiple separate tracks on its own without using a daw?   ǒ The output of the PTX-20 will be a single track of audio. You can have multiple input when you are recording and in your recording software, it will be recognized as a single track input because the mixer will mix all input together. +is the PTX-30 a digital or analog mixer?   ǒ The PTX-30 is a analog mixer not a digital mixer. +Does this work with drum mics?   ǒ Yes, you can use a XLR to XLR cable to connect your drum mics and the mixer. +Are there xlr outputs? there seems to be conflicting info/ comments with customer’s reviews.   ǒ The first batch did not have XLR outputs but we have upgraded the system later. The current inventory should have two XLR outputs next to the power switch at the top of the mixer. Please refer to pictures in the listing page. +Can i send the signal to left and right monitor speakers?   ǒ The main output has 1/4” left and right channels so you can connect output signal to left and right speaker separately. It also has another pair of 1/4” output, marked as ROOM OUT, so you can connect the output signals to two pairs of speakers. +Does it come with android app with mixer interface to control BT wirelessly?   ǒ No it does not. It do not need an app to use the recording and Bluetooth function. You can select Bluetooth mode and then select different songs using the buttons on the mixing board. +Does it also function as an amp for speakers?   ǒ No it can't. Most mixers require a stereo amplifier, or a PA system with a power amp +Can you give echo to the channels?   ǒ Yes, the DSP effects of this board contains ECHO effect. You can apply it to any channel that you want. +Can audio out on a pc play music through the usb port on the board?   ǒ Yes, you can use the usb port to play music. +Is these aux out on this ? I know room out is jot same as aux out   ǒ This unit does not have aux out. You can check out our PTX-15 model if you are looking for aux send output. +Instead of recording on a usb drive, can I connect its usb port to the usb port of computer to record using audacity as it has usb audio interface?   ǒ Yes of course. With proper cable you can connect the mixer to your computer for recording with software.


+Can I use this for recording multiple tracks for things such as podcasts and YouTube videos   ǒ The PRX-100 is good for podcasting and Youtube. However, the output of the mixer will be a single track of audio. You can have multiple input when you are recording and in your recording software, it will be recognized as a single track input because the mixer will mix all input together. +Can you record instruments to the on board usb?   ǒ The PRX-100 can be directly connected to a computer for recording. You need to connect to the computer with USB cable, and the computer will recognize the mixer and use the audio/garage band software to record. +The mics are not showing to be recording when I use audacity, what can I do to fix this ?   ǒ After connecting to the computer, please select the mixer as the recording device in the software settings. +How does the auxillary effects line work? what can be used for send and return? outputs to a single track through usb, is that a single stereo track?   ǒ You can choose which channel to go on to AUX output through the “AUX EFF” knob. It is an auxiliary 1/4” output and cannot be used for Send and Return. And both the AUX and USB output are mono track. +What format (mp3/wav) records to usb stick? can you play it back?   ǒ It will record to USB in a mp3 format and of course, you can play it back. After finish the recording, it will automatically play back the current audio file and you can use forward/backward button to select different tracks. If you have any question regarding the USB setup, feel free to email us for instruction video. +I plug in my usb flash drive but i cannot record any song. does the mixer require specific usb format?   ǒ the USB drive needs to have at least one audio file saved on it for the board's bootstrap process to recognize it and initialize the 'rEC' mode. +Can you use Bluetooth and PC connection at the same time?   ǒ No you cannot use the Bluetooth and PC connection at the same time. When the mxier is in Blurtooth mode, you cannot record to USB drive or connect to PC for recording. +Can it play out to a computer to record into a softwar?   ǒ The PRX-100 it can be directly connected to a computer for recording. +Can this be connected to a home audio receive ?   ǒ Yes it can connect to home audio receiver through the XLR and 1/4” output jacks on the board. Depending on the type/model of home audio receiver, you might need extra audio cables.


+Is this analog or digital   ǒ This is analog. +How & where does this plug into the amp?   ǒ The receiver has a 1/4 inch cable out that plugs into the input of your amp using a regular instrument cable. The transmitter plugs into your guitar. You may now roam about freely. +Can this charge while in use during performance?   ǒ It is lithium battery and you can charge while in use. But we would suggest you use it after it is fully charged to protect the battery itself. +Does it have a mute function?   ǒ You can mute it using the off-on slider switch on the transmitter. It's seamless and there is no popping when using the switch. +Does this have an xlr output? i play in a band and need an xlr out our to the main board   ǒ The PTG-11 system has a 1/4’’ mixed output and a balanced XLR output.


+How do I switch channels/frequencies?   ǒ The guitar system has 20 adjustable frequencies. You can press the FREQ+ and the FREQ- button to adjust the frequency. +can i use this to make mic wireless? (plug one end to mic and outer to speaker?)   ǒ No, this is for instruments not microphones. If you need a wireless mic, look up "wireless mic" +If I use two sets of these, will the signals get mixed up?   ǒ If you want to use them at the same time, please set them at different frequencies. The guitar system has 20 adjustable frequencies. As long as they do not interference with each other the signals will not get mixed up. You can press the FREQ+ and the FREQ- button to adjust the frequency. +Can the transmitter connect with my Bluetooth headphones?   ǒ Nope, you cannot connect the transmitter with your bluetooth headphones. +When will I know they are recharged?   ǒ When the G12 is charging, the power light is red. And the red light will disappear automatically when the charging is completed.

FAQ PTU-5000

+Will this connect to a Marshall amplifier?   ǒ As long as your marshall amplifier has a 1/4'' MIC INPUT/3.5mm input jack, you can connect the wireless microphone to the speaker. +Can this be connected to dslr camera for exxample nikon d750?   ǒ This system is not designed for camera and we would not suggest to connect it to camera and use together. +Does this product come with a traveling case?   ǒ No traveling case, but the box has a handle and a very convenient foam insert that cradle everything. We also have carrying case sold separately: Carrying Case +What is the output level of the 1/4 inch combined output? Is it microphone level or line level?     ǒ The output level of the 1/4 is0-500mV. It is mic level. +If I buy two of these 4-mic pacs, will they interfere with each other since there are only 4 channels?   ǒ Yes, they will interfere with each other. If you want to use 8 mics system, you can purchase our newly launched an 8-channel version of PTU-4000: PTU-4000A +Can the mixed 1/4 output be used with an xlr adapter to feed the Saramonic SmartRig+ audio interface for a smartphone?   ǒ Yes you can use it this way and conenct it to a smartphone. But we are not sure if the sound quality would be compromised. +Looks like the power adapter outputs 12vdc. i've used li-ion battery pack for devices like this. what is the current draw of the receiver?   ǒ The power adapter outputs 13.5V DC and 600mA. We suggest use AA batteries for the transmitters. +Can the power plug be replaced with australian new zealand specification?   ǒ Included in the package is an American power adapter (working at 110-240V). For other regions, an extra power adapter may be required: International Wall Charger +Can this be connected to a computer for mixed mic input?   ǒ This can be connected to a computer as long as you use a 6.5mm to 3.5mm adapter(TRRS type) on top of the audio cable. But the volume will be low and the result will not be as good as connecting it to amp/speaker. We will suggest you use a mixer/preamp in between the system and the computer to get better result. +Do you need to hook these mics up to speakers for the amplification to work?   ǒ The wireless system needs to connect to speaker/amplifier to output the sound. +I have the unit with 2 mics and 2 belt transmitters, and I want to use 4 mics, what frequencies do I need to order?   ǒ You can select the microphone of the same frequency according to the display on the receiver. Please note that one PTU-5000 receiver can only support 4 transmitters to work at the same time: Accessories For PTU-5000 +What is the transmission power (mW) of the handheld mics?   ǒ The transmission power is 10mW. +Does this system need to be hooked up to a mixer as well as an amplifier? If so, does anyone have recommendations as to what mixers/amps work well?   ǒ This system can directly hoop up with an active speaker/Amp. A mixer is not necessary. If you want to create personal mix and adjust the voulme/gain better, you can try our mixer: Phenyx Pro Audio Mixer +Does it come with the cable and antena mount to rack mount it? If not where do we purchase it from?   ǒ It not come with a cable, but you can find them in PTU-5000 accessories:Accessories For PTU-5000 +Is the mixed audio output stereo?   ǒ No it’s not stereo. But you can use a 1/4” to rca cable to connect to your next stage system. +can all 4 mics be used at the same time?   ǒ All channels are in different frequencies and all four mics can be used at the same time. +When you turn the mic on does the light stay on so you know it’s on   ǒ Yes the LCD screen will stay on after you turn on the mic. +Is it possible to get 3 hand mics and 1 lapel mic in a package?   ǒ We support customized configuration, please click link:Customization Program or contact us at support@phenyxpro.com +I am trying to connect my yamaha av receiver (tsr 7850) to a wireless microphone so the sound / music / karaoke is possible. is this the product?   ǒ Yes you can. There are two way to connect the system to an AV receiver. Please check out the attached picture of the possible connectivity. Typically, you would need to purchase a 1/4'' to RCA cable if you want to use RCA. If you AV receiver has a mic input, you can directly connect the system to its mic input. +Does the mixed 1/4'', XLR audio output use a balanced or unbalanced jack?   ǒ The 1/4'' mixed output is unbalanced and the XLR output is balanced. +When using the 1/4" mixed output, do the volume controls still control the mic input into the mix?   ǒ Yes when you use the 1/4'' mixed output, the volume controls will still control the volume of each mic. +What kind of stand can i use for this mic?? These mics seem to be a bit larger and rounder than normal ones   ǒ Here is the mic clip that we would recommend: Mic Clip. It is wider and should fit with the wireless microphone. The diameter of our wireless handheld mic is 3.7cm. +What type of microphone is it , cardioid , super cardioid ?   ǒ The element type is dynamic and the pattern is cardioid. +Can you use this system and another brand of wireless microphones at the same time without interference? We need to use more than 4 wireless mics   ǒ Yes, as long as the frequency are different, you can use them with other wireless mics together without interference. +Does it require a direct (no obstruction) line of site?   ǒ It will through the wall successfully, but the distance is shorter if a wall is in the way. type of wall also will cut down the distance. +Is it Bluetooth ?   ǒ No, it's not Bluetooth +Can I mix each mic separately?   ǒ The PTU-5000 system has four XLR outputs and one mixed output. You can mix each mic seperately using the four XLR outputs. It also has seperate volume controls. +I seen on the picture it says “only one system can be used at the same time”. So 2 lapel mics can’t work at the same time plugged into a mixer?   ǒ Two lapels will be able to use at the same time. "One system can be used at a same time" means that only one PTU-5000 system can be used. Since it is a fixed frequency system, when two PTU-5000 systems (same frequency) are used at the same time, they will interfere with each other. +Can i use an ipad or a laptop computer and mixer to connected to a smart tv?   ǒ Normally, in order to output the sound of the mic and the music from the TV at the same time, you need a stereo receiving interface in between, like a mixer or the Denon Stereo Receiver. Connect our wireless system and the TV audio output to the mixer, and then connect the output of the mixer to your speaker. In this way, the home karaoke setup is complete. +Can you change the capsule ?   ǒ The capsule is fixed and connected with the circuit board in the transmitter. Thus you cannot change it by yourself. +Will all four mics work on one amplified speaker?   ǒ You can use the 1/4'' mxied output to output all four mics to one amplified speaker. +How would you install this transmitter into a gig box with the antennas on the back???   ǒ We sell the antenna kit separately for the PTU-5000. You can mount the antenna at front using the kit. Here is the link: Accessories For PTU-5000 +How do you charge them up   ǒ The batteries for the PTU-5000 are not rechareageble. You will need to replace with new batteries when the battery level is low. You will find an AC adapter inside the package. Please use the AC adapter to connect the receiver to the wallout and power on the receiver. Then use fresh AA batteries to power on the transmitters. Microphone also supports 1.5V rechargeable batteries. +How do you know when is time to change the battery? I am afraid I go to a live service and they die in the middle of it!   ǒ The LCD screen will turn red when the battery is low. Then you can start to change batteries. +Do you have to remove the bottom of the mic to get to the power button?   ǒ Nope, the switch ON/OFF is on the bottom of the microphone, you can turn it on/off with just a light press.