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Upgraded PCBL-4IN1 XLR Snake Cable

Looking to simplify your audio setup and reduce clutter on stage without risking sound quality? Phenyx Pro's upgraded PCBL-4IN1 XLR Snake Cable has you covered. Crafted from premium materials with exceptional workmanship, this multicore microphone cable is ideal for musicians and audio engineers in both live and studio settings.

Phenyx Pro - XLR Snake Cable

It has been a trend that people want to minimize the use of cable through the development of wireless systems. However, cable still plays a crucial role in audio setup, where it transmits audio signals between microphones, in-ear monitors, and mixers. It is so indispensable and ubiquitous that users often face the challenge of tangled and knotted cables. Sometimes, it might look like you are walking over a pit of snakes with dozens of cables scattered on the stage floor. Here, Phenyx Pro provides an optimized solution for you: the PCBL-4IN1 XLR Snake Cable. Engineered with both electrical and aesthetic finesse, this upgraded multicore microphone cable is designed to simplify your workflow without compromising on sound quality. Let's delve into the details of how this cable can boost your audio setup.

Holding XLR Cable


Designed for organized cabling. The PCBL-4IN1 XLR snake cable is constructed by multiple audio cables held within a single common outer casing of a PVC jacket. The main benefit of such a design is of course, organization, where it allows you to clear up your rack and stage with fewer cables to achieve effortless cable management. Besides, the cable features color-coded identification and sliding channel number blocks to ensure the user knows each of the signal paths intuitively, making wire management a breeze. It also comes in lengths of 3ft/1m, 6ft/2m and 10ft/3m to tailor your setup. 

Pro balanced connection. This 4-channel snake cable uses a 3-pin XLR connector to deliver balanced audio. Balanced audio uses three conductors to carry audio signals: positive, negative, and ground. As the ground signal is separated from the negative signal, there is a lesser chance that audio frequency interference is introduced into the transmission. Thus, a balanced XLR connection can render longer and better audio transmission and is popular in the pro audio world. Moreover, you can also keep your sound transmission secure with a lock design on the 3-pin XLR connector - making it more difficult to be unplugged accidentally. 

Connect Audio Cables to the Audio Mixer

Optimal signal transmission. Thanks to the genuine 24AWG 100% oxygen-free copper conductor and silver-plated pins in the male connector, the XLR snake cable boasts reliable conductivity for optimal sound transmission. The signal-carrying inner copper conductor can also supply +48V phantom power for condenser mics.

Composition of XLR Cable

Excellent noise rejection. The double-shielding design enable each channel to be effectively shielded from EMI noise and RF interference. Each twisted pair features multiple shielding layers, including aluminum foil filler and served (spiral) bare copper shield to balance remarkable noise cancellation and awesome cable flexibility, ideal for audio apllications. The foil and spiral sheilding can ensure transmission speed and signal clarity without up to 98% noise reduction from crosstalks and unintended coupling between those pairs while enabling the cable to be less easy to wear and tear than one in the braided shield.

Durable and flexible construction. The cable adopts PVC material in an elegant matte texture for the insulation jacket and heat shrink sleeve. Wrapped in an elegant matte PVC insulation jacket, the cable offers exceptional resistance to weather, dust, moisture, and physical abrasion. The rugged heat-shrink sleeve fitted over the cable joint provides a protective seal that enables the cable to be flexible enough to prevent damage caused by handling, flexing, or bending, which outperforms ordinary XLR cables in tensile tests.

XLR Cables Connector Display 4-IN-1 XLR Cable Heat Shrink Sleeve


Cable Core Specs
  • No. of channel: 4
  • Length: 3ft/1m, 6ft/2m, 10ft/3m
  • Connector type: XLR male to XLR female
  • Connector: 24AWF OFC (oxygen-free copper)
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Shielding: aluminum foil and served (spiral) copper shield
  • Jacket: PVC
Electrical & Mechanical Features
  • Conductive DCR: <150Ω/km
  • Shield DCR: <100Ω/km
  • Capacitance between core and shield: 120 pF/m
  • Applicable temprature: -20℃~+60℃ (-4℉~+140℉)
  • Peak temprature: -40℃~+70℃ (-40℉~+159℉)


Devoted to your next-level sound experience, Phenyx Pro attaches importance to every detail of your stage setup, from machines to cables. While we've kept exploring wireless technology for several years for live stage, we haven’t overlooked the critical role cables play. That’s why we upgraded the 4-channel XLR snake cable in order to provide a durable and practical solution. In summary, the PCBL-4IN1 XLR snake cable is an ideal connection choice that caters to the needs of audio engineers, music enthusiasts, and pros.

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