Phenyx Pro with home theater setup guide

Karaoke with Your Home Theater System

Setting up karaoke with your home theater system is not as daunting as you think. Follow the article to get the best karaoke experience in your home now.
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Nowadays, home theater systems are not uncommon. But you could be missing a lot of fun if you only use it for movies. What could spice up the party more than a passionate karaoke show? It's time to connect your home theater with our wireless microphone systems and start your karaoke night. 


What you need

In order to set it up, you need your home theater system, a wireless microphone system, an audio mixer, and some audio cables and adapters if needed. Here we use our PTU-7000 wireless system and the PRX-100 audio mixer for demonstration.


How to connect

The basic idea is that the audio from the TV and the wireless microphone system need to be combined together because normally, AV receivers can only select one audio input at a time. So, the audio from your smart TV and the wireless microphone system will both go into the mixer as inputs, and then mixed audio will go from the mixer to the speaker systems as the audio input. 


Connect the microphone to the mixer

There is a 1/4" mixed output jack at the back of each Phenyx Pro wireless microphone system. Use the 1/4" to 1/4" audio cable (included in every Phenyx Pro wireless microphone system package) to connect the mixed output to one of the input channels of the PRX-100 mixer.


Connect the smart TV to the mixer

If your TV has RCA output ports (red and white), it would be very easy to set it up. Simply use an RCA male to RCA male cable to connect your TV audio output to the PRX-100 mixer. 

If your TV only has an optical output for audio, you would need a digital to analog converter (DAC) to convert the TV audio to an analog audio signal and then route it to the PRX-100 mixer. Connect the DAC to your TV and use an RCA male to RCA male cable to connect the signal from the DAC to the PRX-100 mixer. 


Send the mixer output to your speaker system

If your AV receiver accepts RCA inputs, then you can use an RCA male to RCA male cable to connect the output of the PRX-100 to your AV receiver as an input. 

If your AV receiver only accepts optical input, then you would first need to convert the analog signal from the PRX-100 and then send the digital signal to your AV receiver as input. First, use an RCA male to RCA male cable to connect the output (REC out) of the PRX-100 to the analog to digital converter (ADC). Then use the optical cable to connect the signal from the ADC to your AV receiver as input. 


Play music and start singing!

Now with all connections done, it's ready to roll. Turn on the PTU-7000 system and your smart TV. On your AV receiver, select the audio input as the optical/RCA input source that you just set up. Play music you like on your smart TV (on Youtube or any other software), grab the microphone and start singing! You can adjust the volume on the mixer if you cannot hear any audio. 


There you have it. A simple setup to get your karaoke party ready for you and your friends. If you have any questions regarding the setup, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us

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