How to Use Bluetooth Function for the PRX-600 Mixer

How to Use Bluetooth Function for the PRX-600 Mixer

This tutorial article is going to guide you through the Bluetooth function for the Phenyx Pro PRX-600 audio mixer.
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The PRX-600 is a 6-channel mixer with a 7-band stereo equalizer, 3-band EQ, USB/ Bluetooth function, and 16 DSP effects all in one. It works best with home recording, streaming, podcasting, and small venues. In this article, we are going to demonstrate how to use the Bluetooth function for this audio mixer step by step. 


The first step is to connect the power adapter. It should be noted that there is a bulge on the socket. If the power adapter cannot be inserted, please make sure that the position and direction of the concave on the power adapter match the bulge on the socket. Do not insert the power cord violently.


Press the switch button under the 5/6 channels to activate the Bluetooth/USB mode. Please note that you cannot use 5 & 6 channels and the Bluetooth function at the same time. When the switch is pressed up,  you can use the following six output channels including the fifth and sixth channels as stereo inputs. When the switch is pressed down, you can use the first four channels and the Bluetooth/USB inputs.


Press the power switch near the power adapter, and the display screen will show "No" as default.


Press the Mode button to select the Bluetooth mode. When the word "bLUE" flashes, it indicates that the Bluetooth function is activated and ready for connection.


Turn on your Bluetooth-enabled devices and connect! You can turn on the Bluetooth function of your smartphone or iPad, search the name "MIX MP3-BT", and click connect. When the Bluetooth connection is successful, the display will stop flashing.
When the song plays smoothly, you can control the playback of your songs by clicking the following buttons on the mixer:
  • P/P button-play/pause songs
  • PREV button-previous songs
  • NEXT button-next songs
If you want to record songs, please use the USB mode to record to a USB stick or use the PC mode to record to a computer.


The PRX-600 can not record via Bluetooth! Also, the Bluetooth function cannot work with the USB function at the same time, which means you cannot stream music via Bluetooth and then record it to your USB stick/computer.


Now, let me show you more about the four control buttons. In addition to playing the previous song when you short press the PREV button, you can long press it to decrease volume. Similarly, you can long-press the NEXT button to increase volume.
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We have also created a tutorial video to walk you through the process. Check it out now!
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