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Phenyx Pro PDP-G

Phenyx Pro

PDP-G | 2,4GHz Digital Portable Wireless Guitar System

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Frequency Version:2.4GHz
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Universal Wireless Freedom at Your Fingertips

The Phenyx Pro PDP-G Wireless Guitar System marks a significant addition to our PDP series, which already includes the portable PDP-1 and PDP-2 wireless microphone systems. It is designed to emancipate musicians from the confines of cable connections by offering 2.4GHz universal digital wireless transmission. Its capability in handling frequency response and dynamics makes it stand out as a powerful tool that captures the essence of the guitar's tone and the spirit of the performance, offering musicians an engaging playing experience. Cut the cord and enjoy the seamless flow of energy between you and the audience!


The 2.4GHz digital transmission has no regional restriction and can deliver stable wireless performance globally compared to systems in the UHF band.
Tunable frequency design with 18 selectable frequencies, free from UHF interference and multi-set hookup.
Good to go with the 100ft line-of-sight operation range.
48kHz sampling rate and 24bit depth guarantees that sound is transmitted with exceptional fidelity, capturing the full dynamics of live performances.
Proprietary EQ tuning enhances low frequencies and enriches highs for fuller and brighter harmonics.
Delivers low-noise, low-latency (<5ms) audio connections, ensuring a clean sound quality that rivals wired systems.
Compact size and 270-degree foldable TS plug make it incredibly portable and easy to store, ideal for musicians on the go.
Adjust input volume with a VOL +/- button on the RX end to prevent signal distortion from high-output pickups, ensuring optimal sound quality.
Press mute button on the TX side to quickly mute the system, making live performance adjustments more flexible and ensuring seamless performances.
Dual USB charging cable allows simultaneous charging of the receiver and transmitter. 2H charge provides up to 4H of playtime, supported by a 600mAh battery.

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