Introducing The PTU-1U

Introducing The PTU-1U

We are excited to announce the release of our new true diversity wireless microphone system!

RELEASE DATE:  March, 3th, 2022


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Phenyx Pro is excited to announce the upcoming true diversity UHF wireless microphone system, the PTU-1U. It is in the 500MHz frequency band and allows users to enjoy their audio in complicated environments. Featuring automatic frequency selection,  lock function, and up to 1000 selectable frequencies,  the PTU-1U can impress in any large-scale venues and extreme conditions with extraordinary audio quality.


What is true diversity?

Many wireless microphone systems use the dual-antenna or multiple-antenna design, but only one tuner is used inside the receiver. Thus, the effect is not ideal when it comes to preventing signal losses.


A better solution comes up as a "true diversity system." The true-diversity receiver employs two independent antennas connecting to dual tuners inside. It will automatically detect and select stronger signals to use, ideally preventing the drop-outs and noise interference caused by the receiving "dead point." This will solve the signal instability issues, especially in the complex reception environment with multiple wireless systems present and long-distance operation.


Why the Phenyx Pro PTU-1U?

Compared to our UHF PTU-71/7000/6000 Series, the PTU-1U has a stronger anti-interference capability and a more stable wireless performance due to its true diversity circuitry design along with 1000 selectable channels. Even if in-stage setups with many wireless and digital systems, it can automatically search for the best available frequency and delivers excellent performance with a long operating range of 328ft. 


The system adopts the newly-developed cardioid polar pattern microphone capsule that reproduces the original true sound and delivers clear superior sound quality. Freestanding or mounted in any standard 19-inch rack. The all-in-one system package also equips with a rack mount kit that makes it easy to be a freestanding unit or integrate with any standard 19-inch rach or a freestanding unit.


The PTU-1U has three main functions: lock function, auto-scan function, and the SQL setting function.


  • Lock Function: Lock or unlock the receiver channel. This prevents accidental channel changes and function access.



  • Auto Scan Function: The system automatically selects the least-interference best signal channel.



  • SQL SETTING: The squelch level function enables adjusting the squelch level according to the local environment to decrease white noises.



What comes with the PTU-1U?

1 x Wireless receiver

1 x Wireless handheld mic transmitter

2x BNC Antennas

1 x Power adapter

1 x 1/4'' Audio cable

1 x User's manual

2 x AA batteries

1 x Anti-Rolling Ring

1 x Antenna kit




Where to buy it?

The Phenyx Pro PTU-1U is available at our website.

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