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+Can you connect more than 4 microphones to this system?

    ǒ You can use 40 mics at the same time. Since the U7000 is a four-channel wireless system, so one system can only operate four mics at the same time. There should be no problem operating the system with your existing systems since you can select suitable frequency or use the auto scan function to scan the room and let the system itself select the best available frequency set.

+Is it compatible with 220v?

    ǒ Our power adapter works for 110v - 240v. So the system is good for 220v

+How do you take the feet off and if you need to put them back on if you take it out of the rack don’t want to permanently take them off

    ǒ The center pin in the bottom of the feet can be carefully pried out with a small (micro) screwdriver without opening up the unit... just be careful not to break the plastic pin. After the pin is out the feet slide out easily. You can cover the holes with painter's tape to keep dust out.

+It may have been said that the ptu-7000 is stackable? if two are needed, do they inter-connect? share antennas? what's being said with, "stackable"?

    ǒ The PTU-7000 is a selectable frequency quad channel system. "Stackable" means you can use more than 10 systems together at the same time using the auto-scan function. Thus, you can surely use two PTU-7000 together. The handhelds are antennas are all the same so they can be interchangeable.

+Can i record the audio from the ptu-7000b system by using an iphone or android phone?

    ǒ You can record the audio from this with your phone, but you’d need an appropriate interface to do it. Best to use an audio interface but with adapters you could plug into the trrs headphone jack from the mic output.

+Currently im using this microphones at chruch and it seems that there is a static noise comming from the speakers?

    ǒ The PTU-7000 is a selectable frequency quad channels system with auto scan function that can automatically search for the least interference channel available in your vicinity. If you have any problem with the preset frequency group, you can adjust it and make sure the LCD screen shows up the same frequency group as the receiver LCD display does. Also, make sure the antennas are in a place where they arent getting blocked.

+Can you buy this as additional set along with my existing ptu5000?

    ǒ Yes, since it has selectable frequency, it can be used with the PTU-5000 or other systems.

+Does this need an external speaker? Never used a wireless microphone before

    ǒ Basically most, if not all, wireless microphone system needs to work with amplifier/speaker to output the sound. It is not a standalone unit that can work on its own. It is a device that can pick up your sound and transmit your sound wirelessly, however, outputting the sound will need other equipments.

+Is this better than ptu 5000? In sound quality

    ǒ The biggest advantage of the system is the selectable frequency design and auto scan feature, which enable multiset operation and less interference. In term of stability and reliabity, it will be better. In term of sound quality, we think they are in the same high quality level.

+If I use a iPad that is wi-fi only will it interfere with the receiver because I use it for my music instead of a computer.

    ǒ It should be fine since WiFi operates in a higher frequency range. UHF systems like ours are not adversely affected by WiFi.

+If opting for rechargeable batteries, and pulling the batteries from the mics after each use for subsequent recharges, do mics need rescanned?

    ǒ No you do not need to rescan since the system will remember the last stage of the system and it will pair up automatically again once you plug in the batteries.

+Can i use this system for karaoke? if so what do i need to hook this up to a tv?

    ǒ Yes you can connect the wireless system to your TV. The necessary accessories depend on the model of your TV and the sound speaker. I think in most case, as long as you have the wireless system, TV, and the soundbar, you should be good to go. We have customers use our products for home karaoke and the result is fantastic. If you have further questions regarding connectivity and setup, please email us at support@phenyxpro.com to let us know the brand and model of the TV/soundbar you have.

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