Choosing the Right One: PTU-5000 vs. PTU-7000

Phenyx Pro offers two quad-channel wireless microphone systems, the PTU-5000 and the PTU-7000, which both receive great popularity from our audience. We often get asked how to determine which model to purchase. This blog will take you through the differences between them and what factors you should consider when making your purchase decision.

Nowadays, you can easily find quad-channel wireless systems in the market, and they serve well for applications like churches, weddings, stages, etc. Here at Phenyx Pro, we offer two quad-channel models, the PTU-5000 and the PTU-7000, and they both receive great popularity from our audience. 

We often get asked how to determine which model to purchase. Below, we'll take you through the differences between the two UHF systems and what factors you should consider when making your purchase decision.

The Fixed Frequency PTU-5000

Since its release in 2018, the PTU-5000 has been the best-selling quad-channel wireless microphone system on Amazon. It receives enormous compliments from users on its rugged construction, stable coverage, crystal-clear robust sound, and straightforward operation.

Rugged construction. You can feel the weight in the weight of full metal housing and enjoy its durability for years.

Stable coverage. Rock-firm wireless coverage extends up to 80m/260ft of smooth operation.

Crystal-clear robust sound. The dynamic cartridge is designed to limit feedback and interference. The classic cardioid polar pattern picks up and transmits crystal-clear sound, delivering excellent sound performance.

Straightforward operation. The setup process is a breeze because of its fixed frequency design (541.9MHz, 546.3MHz, 561.6MHz, and 568.65MHz). Simply turn on both the receiver and the handhelds, and grab a microphone to enjoy your moment with this plug-and-go system. 

The Problem 

The problem for a fixed frequency quad-channel system is quite obvious: you cannot operate multiple systems simultaneously, and your hands are tied if outside interference exists. The PTU-5000 might be an ideal and accessible choice for a simple small-scale setup with few wireless systems present, but it might cause some difficulties for big projects that require multiple wireless systems or for touring bands that require frequency flexibility in different locations. 

The Solution - Adjustable Frequencies PTU-7000

To solve the above problem, we launched a more advanced model, the PTU-7000, with selectable frequencies and the auto-scan function.

With the 4x40 adjustable UHF frequencies configuration, the PTU-7000 provides you with more alternatives when facing interference. The auto-scan function helps search for the best available frequency in the operating environment to decrease dropout and cutoff. With its advanced circuitry, the PTU-7000 can achieve up to 100m/328ft wireless operation. Besides, it is equipped with a lock function to secure your setting and avoid inadvertent touch by other people.

We now understand the most prominent difference between the PTU-5000 and the PTU-7000: fixed or adjustable frequencies.

Other Differences 

LCD display. The PTU-5000 deploys the backlit display, usually called a "fake display," on its receiver and transmitters. Although it brings up an issue with the battery indicator since the information shown on the display won't change, we manage to resolve it by adopting another method --- the whole display will turn red when the battery is low. Many people do not like the backlit design. However, it lowers the cost of the system, making it a more affordable unit. Besides, considering that it is a fixed frequency system, this design will not be a problem during use.

Unlike the PTU-5000, the PTU-7000 utilizes a genuine dynamic LCD. As a result, you can visualize real-time battery status and system frequency.

MUTE function. The PTU-7000 handheld has a built-in mute function that allows you to mute your microphone anytime you need.

Handler design. The PTU-7000 has a metal handler in front of the receiver, so you can easily pull the system out from your racks. A small design detail for a better user experience.  

Sound quality. Many Phenyx Pro users commented on the audio quality of the PTU-5000 as "clear and crisp." And it wins its reputation as an affordable system that delivers beyond-expectation sound quality. Compared to the PTU-5000 system, the PTU-7000 has a fuller and warmer sound. There might be a slight off on the highs, but you can quickly correct it with an EQ. In addition, the PTU-7000 system has a very bright sound for the high-frequency response. Quoted from Cleveland Terry, a professional DJ, "The mic of PTU-7000 is one of the best sounding mics that I've heard... It has a good gain, too."

Some Closing Thoughts  

To put it in a nutshell, you can visualize their differences according to the table below. If you want a system operating in small venues with stable locations like home karaoke, meeting, and church, or your budget is limited, go for PTU-5000. Otherwise, for large events with more complex setups and flexible locations, like mobile DJs, live gigs, and stage performances, go for PTU-7000!

Number of Channels Quad/Four Quad/Four
Frequency TypeFixed UHF frequency Adjustable UHF frequency
Number of Frequencies4 (541.9MHz, 546.3MHz, 561.6MHz, 568.65MHz)4*40 (see frequency number in the user manual)
 Synchronization Mode Automatic pair-up / Plug & goIR synchronization
 LCD Screen Backlit displayReal dynamic LCD
 Switch Function of Mics ON/OFFON/MUTE/OFF
Coverage Distance80M/260FT100M/328FT
Lock Function×
Auto-scan Function×

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