Artists with Phenyx Pro

An important part of creating music is to find the gears that suit you.
Meet the artists who pick our systems as their go-to option and learn more about their fantastic stories.


Vitruvia is a dynamic, hard-hitting, and inspiring genre-bending post-hardcore band based in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Having been on selected tour dates with over 70 National acts In different genres explains why their sound is so diverse but yet intriguing to all. Their message of perseverance and strength through life’s darkest times is sure to inspire a whole new generation.


Don Woods

Sony Music country recording artist. Don Woods is one of those rare artists who knows how to push himself into uncharted territory with each new release without losing his core value. He just knows how to tell a story and make the listener believe that they are right there!

Eldon Huff

High West Records recording artist. Appeared on season 3 of TV’s Nashville. New album Drifter produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Ben Fowler.

Gabriel Bello

Believer, #1 Billboard Artist, producer, Saxophonist, and Vocalist. Creating new and unique Christian/Gospel Pop Jazz and covering some of the best music ever made with his internationally touring tribute shows "Natural Wonder - The Music of Stevie Wonder" & "Bless The Rains - Toto Tribute Experience".