How to Use Bluetooth Function for the PRX-100 Audio Mixer

How to Use Bluetooth Function for the PRX-100 Audio Mixer

This tutorial article is going to guide you through the Bluetooth function for the Phenyx Pro PRX-100 audio mixer.
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PRX-100 is a 4-channel mixing console with 3-Band EQ, USB and Bluetooth function. Ideal for Home Recording, Webcast, K Song. In this article, we will show you how to use the Bluetooth mode of the PRX-100.



Connect the power adapter and turn on the switch button. The display screen will show "No" as default. Then press the Mode button to select the Bluetooth mode. When the word "bLUE" appears, the Bluetooth function is activated and ready to connect.



Turn on  the Bluetooth function on your smartphone or iPad, search the name "PHENYX  PRX-100", and click connect. Now, you can play songs on your device and stream them into the PRX-100. You can also control the following buttons of the audio mixer:

  • Back Button: Short press to select previous song or long press to decrease volume
  • Forward button: Short press to select next song or long press to increase volume.
  • Play button: Short prss to stop the music.


You cannot record via Bluetooth function on the PRX-100! Also, the Bluetooth function cannot work with the USB function at the same time, which means you cannot stream music via Bluetooth and then record it to your USB stick or computer.


We have also created a tutorial video to walk you through the process. Check it out now! 

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