Phenyx Pro True Diversity Wireless Microphone System PTU-1U
Phenyx Pro PTU-1U True diversity circuit design effectively delivers minimal feedback and cutoff
Phenyx Pro PTU-1U squelch level function enables to adjustment of the squelch level according to the local environment to decrease white noises.
Phenyx Pro PTU-1U High fidelity audio quality with cardioid pattern to isolate unwanted ambient sound
Phenyx Pro PTU-1U High fidelity audio quality with cardioid pattern to isolate unwanted ambient sound
Phenyx Pro PTU-1U High fidelity audio quality with cardioid pattern to isolate unwanted ambient sound
Phenyx Pro PTU-1U Comes with rack mount kit with antenna extension cables to facilitate more professional use
Phenyx Pro PTU-1U Comes with rack mount kit with antenna extension cables to facilitate more professional use
Phenyx Pro PTU-1U Boasts a true diversity circuit design that delivers minimal feedback and cutoff

Phenyx Pro

PTU-1U-1H | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico único True Diversity

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Experiencia de verdadera diversidad. Rendimiento de sonido sensacional.

El Phenyx Pro PTU-1U es un sistema de micrófono inalámbrico de verdadera diversidad que permite a los usuarios disfrutar de su audio en entornos complicados con facilidad , con selección automática de frecuencia, función de bloqueo y hasta 1000 frecuencias seleccionables. El PTU-1U es capaz de impresionar en cualquier lugar a gran escala y en condiciones extremas con una calidad de audio extraordinaria.


  • El diseño del circuito de verdadera diversidad ofrece efectivamente una retroalimentación y un corte mínimos.
  • Calidad de audio de alta fidelidad con patrón cardioide para aislar el sonido ambiental no deseado.
  • La función de nivel de silenciamiento permite ajustar el nivel de silenciamiento según el entorno local para disminuir los ruidos blancos.
  • Carcasa totalmente metálica de alta resistencia para receptor inalámbrico y transmisor inalámbrico.
  • Viene con un kit de montaje en rack con cables de extensión de antena para facilitar un uso más profesional.
  • Rango de operación de hasta 328 pies de largo.
  • Diseño monocanal con 1000 frecuencias seleccionables en 555-580MHz .

/ Explore the True Diversity Series

PTU-1U/2U Wireless Microphone System 

We know you've been waiting for an accessible professional microphone system since interference, cutoff, and feedback every now and then embarrass you in your important moments. Now, this powerful true diversity series comes to resolve your problems and redefine your audio business. Whether you're flying solo or rocking a duo, the PTU-1U (single-channel version) and PTU-2U (dual-channel version) are here to drive your audio experience to new heights.




True Diversity



Frequency Groups



Wireless Coverage



Pristine Sound



Powerful Functions



Built Like A Tank


Experience wireless excellence that's not just spoken but visibly and tangibly assured.

True Diversity: Visible Stability

Discover the future of sound with our ultimate true diversity circuitry—paired spaced-apart antennas cooperate for single signal reception to maximize signal strength, ensuring clarity and continuity among up to 328ft/100m range. Effortlessly visualize real-time RF signal stability through the vivid, informative display. Never compromise your sound quality. Sidestep interference or cutoff.

Elevate Wireless Potential

Harness the power of a sweeping range of 1000 tunable UHF groups within the 500MHz band, spanning a 25MHz bandwidth. Ensures interference-free multiset operation even when juggling up to 6 channels simultaneously. Effortlessly tune in a clean channel with smart auto-scan circuitry navigating through the complex RF environment to ensure the optimal frequency selection. Tune in, tap into, and let your sound soar!

Function Like a Pro


Auto Scan

Quickly locate the optimal frequency to operate.


SQL Setting

Minimize white noise by fine-tuning the squelch level.


IR Sync

Simplify your connection with the one-button linkup.


Lock Function

Secure your chosen channel and maintain your settings.


Crafted with our meticulous attention to detail, it brings you a truly exceptional, all-around experience.


Sensational Studio-level Sound

Step into sensational sound with our dynamic microphone. Featuring a cardioid pattern, it selectively captures the original sound while minimizing distractions. Seamlessly transmit across a wide 50-18kHz frequency spectrum with a consistent, flat response. The bodypack is equipped with a 3-pin mini XLR jack to ensure high-fidelity transmission. Ignite your talent with studio-level clarity!

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