Phenyx Pro PTU-4000A 8-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System (Fixed Frequency Design)
PTU-4000-8H | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico de ocho canales de frecuencia fija UHF
PTU-4000-8H | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico de ocho canales de frecuencia fija UHF
PTU-4000-8H | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico de ocho canales de frecuencia fija UHF
PTU-4000-8H | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico de ocho canales de frecuencia fija UHF
PTU-4000-8H | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico de ocho canales de frecuencia fija UHF

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PTU-4000-8H | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico de ocho canales de frecuencia fija UHF

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Uno de los sistemas de micrófonos de renombre de Phenyx Pro

Ya sea que esté organizando un evento o cantando en el escenario, el PTU-4000 es el sistema de micrófono todo en uno que necesita. Gracias al funcionamiento fácil e intuitivo, podrá centrarse en su contenido en lugar de en el equipo. Con la configuración versátil de 8 canales y un audio nítido, tu talento ya no está limitado.


  • Calidad de audio cristalina con patrón de captación cardioide para minimizar el ruido.
  • Se puede montar en bastidor con orejas de bastidor incorporadas para una fácil operación.
  • Construcción robusta totalmente metálica tanto para receptores como para micrófonos de mano.
  • Ocho salidas XLR para cada canal y una salida mixta no balanceada TS de 1/4" para audio combinado.
  • Rango de operación de hasta 260 pies de largo.
  • Operación de configuración sencilla. Simplemente enciéndelo y estará listo para funcionar.
  • > 8 horas de duración de la batería para cada micrófono.
  • Viene con 8 micrófonos de mano duraderos.
  • Diseño de frecuencia fija en la banda de frecuencia UHF. La frecuencia de este sistema es 541,9MHz, 546,3MHz, 561,6MHz, 568,65MHz, 911,30MHz, 914,9MHz, 919,7MHz y 925,2MHz .

/ Explore the UHF Fixed-Frequency Series

PTU-51/5000/4000 Wireless Microphone System

Phenyx Pro introduced the PTU-5000, a UHF fixed-frequency quad-channel wireless microphone system, in 2018, and it immediately gained tremendous popularity with its plug-and-go operation and clean sound quality. Soon we launched the dual-channel (PTU-51) and eight-channel (PTU-4000) versions to complete this fixed-channel cordless microphone system series.

/ Overview

UHF Fixed-Frequency Series

Plug & Go

Reliable Wireless

Hear Your Brilliance

Built to Last

/ Overview



The biggest complaint with wired microphones is that they can cause clutter and tripping hazards and are hard to rearrange. So Phenyx Pro has developed a series of wireless microphone systems at an affordable price for public speakers, lead singers, professional hosts, and anyone else who is ready to step out from behind a rostrum. The PTU-51 (dual-channel), PTU-5000 (quad-channel), and PTU-4000 (eight-channel) systems build up the entry-level wireless microphone series that offers a perfect solution to solve the problem of traditional microphone cables. With straightforward plug-and-go operation from the fixed-frequency design and the loud and clear sound quality, this go-to simple and accessible audio solution brings your audio to live. Hook it up. Make yourself heard!


Easy Hookup


Wireless Coverage


Long Range


Crystal-clear Sound

Built with Details

Combining professional features and ease of use perfectly, the design details make the difference.

Besides 1/4” mixed output, the receiver employs the balanced XLR connection for noise-free original signal transmission.
Separate XLR outputs aim for more professional and diversified mixing than a single XLR output.
Unlock more professional potential.

For Your Convenience

Memory switch

Remember the operation status of the last stage after unplugging the power cord. Enable the use of the master switch to streamline your operation.

Snap-on BNC antennas

Snap-on BNC lock design can be connected and disconnected more easily than a TNC antenna. Considerate design to facilitate rack mount procedures.

Anti-rolling rings

Color-code your microphones and prevent them from rolling off when placed on the desk.

/ Free from intricate system setup

Plug and Go

Fixed frequency design achieves automatic linkup. Turn on both the receiver and transmitters, and you are ready to go! Never be trapped on the first try.

/ Get rid of wire entanglement

Wireless as a standard

Reliable wireless technology from Phenyx Pro to ensure extensive coverage. Stably spreads your voice up to 80m/260ft. Immerse yourself fully in exceptional wireless performance.

/ Reproduce you original sound

Hear Your Brilliance

To capture your clear, original sound, the dynamic microphone employs the cardioid polar pattern with off-axis rejection. Its classic analog circuitry design ensures smooth sound delivery without staccatos or latency. After all, you can count on its clear, robust, lossless sound quality to show your brilliance in live performance.

/ Elegance meets durability

Built to last

The entire system features an elegant and sleek design embellished with matte gloss and a graceful figure. The rugged receiver and microphones are fully metal built. You can enjoy a firm, comfortable hand feel.

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