PTU-52-1H1B | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico dual con salto de frecuencia
PTU-52-1H1B | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico dual con salto de frecuencia
PTU-52-1H1B | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico dual con salto de frecuencia
PTU-52-1H1B | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico dual con salto de frecuencia
PTU-52-1H1B | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico dual con salto de frecuencia

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PTU-52-1H1B | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico dual con salto de frecuencia

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Con su audio claro y nítido, el PTU-52 es un sistema de micrófono inalámbrico dual flexible y versátil que es imprescindible para aplicaciones como eventos al aire libre, karaoke y más. Este modelo está equipado con 30 frecuencias ajustables, lo que permite que varios sistemas funcionen simultáneamente. Con sus carcasas resistentes y su excelente rendimiento, el PTU-52 está diseñado para durar y ayudarle a mostrar su mejor juego al público.


  • Diseño de 2 canales con frecuencias seleccionables en banda de frecuencia de 500MHz.
  • Calidad de audio cristalina con patrón de captación cardioide para minimizar el ruido.
  • Construcción robusta para receptores y transmisores.
  • Ajuste de frecuencia rápido y sencillo desde los transmisores.
  • Dos salidas XLR para cada canal y una salida mixta no balanceada TS de 1/4" para audio combinado.
  • Rango de operación de hasta 200 pies de largo.
  • > 8 horas de duración de la batería para cada transmisor.

/ Explore the Frequency Hopping Series

PTU-52/5200 Wireless Microphone System

Step into the world of out-of-the-box wireless convenience with the Frequency Hopping Series. Say goodbye to the disruptions and technical issues that steal your spotlight arising from fixed-frequency wireless system. This innovative series empowers you to master the stage with flexible frequency options and accessible remote control. Whether you're captivating a crowd solo or harmonizing in an ensemble, unleash the power of seamless transmission and experience audio freedom in a whole new way.


Unlock Wireless Convenience

The PTU-52/5200 Series redefines wireless audio with signal precision and flawless adaptability. Its advanced frequency-hopping technology and tunable channel selection shield your performance from interference, providing consistent sound delivery. Choose from the dual-channel PTU-52 system or the quad-channel PTU-5200 system, both available with handheld or bodypack transmitters and featuring a durable metal build, to fit your specific needs. Elevate your voice with these systems, making every note count in any live performance.


200Ft Coverage

Stable Signal


Frequency Hopping

Less Interference


Metal Design

Sturdy Build


Remote Control

Easy Operation


Cardioid Pickup

Clean Audio

Tap Into Reliability

Fulfilling Your Every Demand

Overcome interference easily with multiple frequency groups and spread your voice without limits across 200ft of coverage, while the cardioid pickup captures sound with high fidelity.

Enhanced Signal Stability


High Audio Fidelity


Refined Remote Precision


Enhanced Signal Stability

Ultimate Clarity, Reduced Disruption

The PTU-52/5200 wireless microphone system series features extended 200ft coverage and UHF 500MHz signal clarity to deliver outstanding wireless performance. With flexible frequency hopping, it allows selection of interference-free channels, ensuring smooth wireless transmission even in complex environments. Its tunable frequency groups(2x30 for PTU-52, 4x25 for PTU-5200) support simultaneous multiset use, offering exceptional convenience for extensive setups.


High Audio Fidelity

Natural Tone, Pure Harmony

Experience pure audio with our improved circuitry for smooth wireless transmission without dropouts, hiss, or feedback, and a high-quality cardioid capsule delivering robust, clean, and lossless sound. On stage, in the studio, or addressing a crowd, let flawless sound reproduction reveal the true depth of your voice.


Refined Remote Precision

Precise Mastery, Total Ease

Discover seamless control and versatile functionality with the PTU-52/5200 wireless microphone system series. Each multifunctional transmitter features intuitive buttons for frequency and volume control, offering you instant frequency changes with a tap of the SET button. Rely on the memory switch to recall previous settings for effortless setup every time. Enjoy true autonomy and streamlined operation like never before!

audio challenges

Your Troubles Solved: Meet PTU-52/5200 Series

We understand the audio challenges you face, but with the PTU-52/5200 Series, those troubles are a thing of the past.

PTU-52/5200 Wireless Microphone System

Command Every Moment with Adaptive Performance




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