PTU-71-2B | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico UHF dual con escaneo automático
Phenyx Pro PTU-71A Dual Handheld UHF Wireless Microphone System, auto scan selectable frequency design multiset used simultaneously
Phenyx Pro PTU-71A Dual Handheld UHF Wireless Microphone System, metal build dual channel UHF receiver with 2 XLR output
PTU-71-2B | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico UHF dual con escaneo automático
PTU-71-2B | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico UHF dual con escaneo automático

Phenyx Pro

PTU-71-2B | Sistema de micrófono inalámbrico UHF dual con escaneo automático

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Uno de los sistemas de micrófonos de renombre de Phenyx Pro

El sistema de micrófono inalámbrico PTU-71 puede ofrecerle un audio nítido extraordinario y un rendimiento confiable a un precio inigualable. Con la función de escaneo, puede encontrar las frecuencias disponibles para que no tenga que preocuparse por las interrupciones. Nunca ha sido tan fácil subir al escenario con la confianza que debes tener.


  • Función de escaneo automático para localizar la mejor frecuencia cercana.
  • Calidad de audio cristalina con patrón de captación cardioide para minimizar el ruido.
  • Construcción robusta totalmente metálica tanto para receptores como para micrófonos de mano.
  • Montaje en bastidor. Fácil de integrar en su configuración.
  • Dos salidas XLR para cada canal y una salida mixta no balanceada TS de 1/4" para audio combinado.
  • Rango de operación de hasta 328 pies de largo.
  • > 8 horas de duración de la batería para cada transmisor.
  • Diseño de 2 canales con frecuencias seleccionables en banda de frecuencia de 500MHz. Canal 1: 538,3 - 566,5MHz (100 canales). Canal 2: 571,3 - 599,5 MHz (100 canales)

/ Explore the Auto-Scan UHF Series

PTU-71/7000/6000 Wireless Microphone System

Phenyx Pro introduced the auto-scan UHF series in 2019, which features adjustable frequencies, automatic frequency search, and frequency locking functions.

/ Overview



The PTU-71/7000/6000 series provides a flawless audio solution and unlocks more wireless potential to your sound performance everywhere, thanks to its tunable frequency design and automatic frequency management. There are three versions available: the dual PTU-71 system, the quad-channel PTU-7000 system, and the eight-channel PTU-6000 system. With its thumbs-up stability and robust bright sound quality, such an affordable and expandable series proved to be an ideal option for small-to-medium indoor or outdoor venues. It fuels your distinctive voice to light up the stage wherever there is a DJ party or band gig.

/ Tap wireless potential at the very start

Flexible. Expandable.

The 71/7000/6000 wireless microphone system series adopt the tunable UHF circuitry to fend against harsh spectrum conditions and shield from mutual interference. Adjustable frequency groups (2x100 frequencies for PTU-71, 4x40 for PTU-7000, 8x40 for PTU-6000) within a tunable bandwidth of 40 to 80 MHz (vary from receiver channel version) aims for tuning flexibility and interference-free operation. Simultaneously link up multiple systems and build your integrated rack!

/ Access to wireless stability effortlessly

One touch. All ready.

State-of-the-art Auto Scan circuitry scans the entire RF environment more precisely, so the receiver can quickly locate a clean frequency and deliver promising wireless performance. It guarantees fewer cutoffs and dropouts for your important moments. One-touch automatic frequency management prepares everything for you.

/ Extend wireless coverage stably

Long range. Reliable choice.

Professional circuitry plus four independent antennas improve reception. Reliable coverage expands up to 100m/328ft without interference, cutoffs or dropouts.

/ Deliver immersive sound performance

Your voice. Your vibe.

Dynamic microphone with cardioid polar pattern is designed for true sound reproduction. The system renders lush and natural audio for all types of transmitters, including the handheld, headset, and lapel microphone. Grab your mic and voice yourself to captivate and touch everyone by creating your own vibe.

Engineered for Details

IR Sync

Freely select desired channels for hassle-free linkup via one-tap IR sync.

Lock Function

Long press the UP button to secure your setting with ease. Lock the passion during your showtime. 

Memory Switch

Remains the last stage operation status for direct hookup next time.

Designed for Convenience

  • Snap-on BNC antennas for easy system installment.
  • Anti-rolling rings color-code and protect your mics.
  • Built-in rack handles (only for PTU-7000/6000) for easily pulling out the gear from the rack case.

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