2023 Memorial Day Weekend:
Gear Up for Great Savings

Before stepping into summer, we at Phenyx Pro would like first to honor military heroes who strive to protect the country and loved ones. We believe in music's power to commemorate, heal and inspire. It's with this spirit we announce our 2023 Memorial Day Weekend Deals campaign – an occasion to refine your audio setup while capitalizing on significant savings.


Gear Up. Save More.

In this special moment, we're proud to extend an exclusive offer just for you. Enjoy up to 15% off on our latest offering, the PTM-33, and 10% off on other wireless IEM & mic systems. Golden money-saving opportunity to elevate your musical journey and further disseminate the magic of music.

15% OFF PTM-33 
IEM Systems

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10% OFF Wireless

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10% OFF Wireless IEM Systems

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PTM-33-4B | Sistema de monitor intrauditivo inalámbrico mono UHF con 4 salidas de bucle


Code: MDWS15

* Remember to apply the coupon code on the checkout page.

* Remember to apply the coupon code on the checkout page.

Ingenious integrated monitor station

Explore the shareable monitor station which showcases 4 groups of left/right inputs and loop outputs that empower up to 4 standalone mixes.
Spark your talent with the flexible daisy-chain operation.

Exceptional entry-level monitoring

Immerse in clarity and groove effortlessly on stage by keeping all your attention on the content.
No latency, feedback and ambient noice that floor monitors can't escape.

Wireless as a standard

4x25 tunable UHF frequencies and up to 164ft/50m range enable more freedom.
Our guaranteed reliable wireless stability empowers you to perform confidently on stage.

Professionalism meets convenience

The 42cm/16in all-in-one monitoring hub features widely-compatible 1/4" TS jacks and included antenna rackmount kit for optimal rackmount routine.

Designed for Live Band

Designed for Live Band

New PTM-33 Mono In-Ear Monitor System Has Arrived

Check out our blog on the entry-level mono monitoring series, featuring the new model PTM-33, to elevate your stage experience.

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Start Your Summer Off Right!

Save up to $70 on the PTM-33 this Memorial Day weekend

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10% OFF Wireless IEM & Mic Systems

We offer a sweet 10% discount on wireless in-ear monitor systems and wireless microphone systems. Here is a list of highly recommended wireless systems just for you. Apply the 10% OFF coupon code "SALUTE10", and enjoy exploring and selecting for your audio desires!

* Remember to apply the coupon code on the checkout page.

Wireless Microphone System

True Diversity Experience. Sensational Sound Performance.

Our top-of-the-line series integrates every system detail and essential function for a professional or a music enthusiast. Thanks to true diversity and 1000 frequency groups under one roof, it permeates the studio-level sensational sound uninterruptedly to every corner of the mid-to-large stage. Never compromises your sound with any interference or cutoff. Never disappoints you in a complicated or crowded RF environment.

In-Ear Monitor System

Mono Monitoring Series

As floor monitor brings many challenges to live performances, the Phenyx Pro mono monitoring series is here to make things easier. It empowers you to move freely on stage, interact anytime with passionate fans, and share a monitor station with your bandmates while personalizing your own monitoring experience. It balances not only professionalism and convenience perfectly but also affordability and quality. The flexible and diversified wireless monitoring experience lets you focus more on your content. You can now better navigate your music adventures with our mono IEM series.

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